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Our Journey

As many of you know, I have been speaking to spirit for well over 30 years, sharing bits and pieces on and off, and lately, have been more open to sharing this communication over the past ten years.

I have been on an intense journey allowing my gifts to more fully bloom into my life, and at the same time, heal myself of life’s traumas in order to be more fully present. This journey is hard work, and I have been following the lead of my inner guidance and trusting I will come through it still standing. The more present I am with myself, the clearer the connection.

I am a healer. I listen to my guidance and learn. I listen to my guidance and teach. I listen to my guidance and lay my hands on those seeking comfort. I listen to my guidance and transmute the pain of broken hearts. I listen to guidance and hold the presence of love as we all discover the power of the Higher Self, our Guides and Angels, our Spirit Team, and a myriad of other light beings and spirit workers helping each and every one of us. We all have the ability to communicate and commune with Spirit. Our souls never abandon us and in fact, rise up to guide us when we are lost. We are learning to listen.

Back in 2009 I was told I have a Council of Light Beings guiding me. They are not my personal Spirit Guides. They are a multitude of beings I am able to access easily at all times. My relationship with Council grows stronger as I heal and clear traumas out of my body memory.

I will be sending out the messages I receive, for they are designed to help navigate the rocky waters of this world as we transition into the Higher Consciousness we are all attaining

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