Our Breath is Our Bridge

With awareness, breathe in and

slowly breathe out

Relax into

comforting breath.

This is a meditation about comfort.

In the silence, bring in images of comfort.

The warm sun. The air temperature is perfect.

You are one with the air.

You define your comfort

Just as you like it, allowing your energy

to expand in the silence.

A cat purring, the warmth of a dog

leaning against you.

You are safe. Relaxed. You belong.

Soft tinkling music lifts your soul.

Comforting sounds of nature.

You are one with nature.

You are one.

Your body breathes for you

At a relaxed pace. You are relaxed.

Any tension melts like the sun warms, it releases.

Part your lips ever so slightly and let your mouth relax.

Feel a soft wind caress you.

The gentle tinkling of wind chimes.

Birds are singing off in the distance.

There’s peace, peace within.

Peace around you. comfort.

You belong in this world.

You are right where you need to be. You trust your life more with every breath

You are safe.

You have clarity in your next steps.

You are safe.

Your breath brings you peace in silence.