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One Bead One Step One Breath

Awakened by images this morning at 3:33, I thanked the angel who disturbed my sleep. I was awake and watched little orbs in front of my inner eyes. Each orb had a purpose. I listened and noticed the orb looked solid and steady. Each orb representing a learning, a lesson. Some orbs form from irritation and strife, others from a deep love and pure intention. Some orbs were a beautiful color, light and bright and others were tarnished and darker though there was beauty in them too. Every orb is the result of lessons learned in human life. Each orb has meaning. Each orb is precious. Life unfolds day by day, lesson by lesson as we find meaningful purpose in all our experiences.

Some orbs are smooth, silky almost in their luster. Others have bumps and divots resembling the moon with its craters. Each one individual and each one complete. The orbs multiply as life is lived and I could see they were joined by a thread. They all became a string of pearls, iridescent with an energy. Each string represents a human journey with the soul’s learning. Each string unique and yet different. Each string complete for its purpose. Some strings were longer than others. Others that appeared shorter were still complete, just briefer.

I found myself in a garden among trees. I was walking along a pathway among rock gardens, flowering plants and I could hear moving water. It felt like a prayer garden. I felt comfortable. Strings of pearls were hanging on the branches. It was then I realized they are prayer beads. Strands of life lived, loved and cherished. I could feel the presence of energy that felt good, sacred almost.

I chose to wear prayer beads this morning because I feel closer to them and their purpose and meaning. Prayer beads are used for focusing as one recites the rosary, chants and mantras that inspire a connection to a divine source. They are a beautiful tool that helps ground me at times, especially when I’m out and about. They remind me of my connection with my source.

Today marks day number 283 in this devotional meditation community. I created the intention for a daily meditation and others joined me. Thank you for being one of the pearls in my daily meditation practice.

Angel number 283 is assuring you that the angels will always be there to protect and guide you in all that you do. Do not be afraid and do not hold back on living life. Through silence and the commitment to listen within, we build walls that hold us up in times of need. Lean into the walls during times of strife. Continue to build the walls in times of centeredness. Believe the angels are there.

Using prayer beads seemed silly at first not understanding why someone holds and counts them over and over again. It wasn’t until I found myself in a silent retreat moving among paths and walkways in an open garden that I discovered how useful prayer beads are to focus on a mantra one bead at a time. Om Namah Shivaya. Om Namah Shivaya. One bead one step one breath.

When I chant Om Namah Shivaya, I mean I honor my God within; I honor my true heart; I honor my Higher Power. Its Hindu translation is a bit different but it’s the same idea. It is a powerful prayer. I have an Om Namah Shivaya CD by Robert Gass that I sleep with. It’s calming and comforting.

I welcome in this New Year with hope and concern. Mindfulness is absolutely necessary. 2021 is a year actively engaged in the pandemic, actively engaged in the transcendency of the global collective consciousness as we navigate towards heart-centered consciousness. We’re ahead of the game though. Our hearts have been broken open. We are awake. We are watching and practicing mindfulness. Our gardens have been tilled and we continue to plant the seeds. The storms will come and blow the seeds away and we will plant again. This community offers support. Your friendships offer support. Be gentle and patient with yourself. The only one expecting perfection is yourself. We are all in this together.

“I don’t love others to open their hearts, I love others to open my heart. If other hearts are opened as a result, that’s wonderful. Their hearts will open when they choose to open them. The love I give them is because I am choosing to open my heart now. That is the power of my own love.” -- Matt Kahn

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you, that was just beautiful. I love the image of the pearls. So many ways to look at that, as a life, as a moment, as people. During the meditation, I felt myself being embraced in the encasement of a pearl, just floating there. It felt wonderful. I can’t wait to see what my biofeedback device says about my state. It was very relaxing. A good way to start the new year.

  • I was impressed and struck by the fact you were grateful to be awakened so early, to see those orbs and to follow them. Not many of us would do that or be grateful. I was struck by the phrase “The only one expecting perfection is yourself.” That’s probably true and I wondered why is perfection there? Why is that a good value? I think opening one’s heart is where one wants to be.

  • I think it’s an ego value. It’s the ego because perfection equals safe maybe, loved, not abandoned.

  • Happy new year. During the meditation, I reflected on what a beautiful thing you have created, the love of that, the caring, the support of each other, the branching out this year. Reflecting on this past year, some awful things happened and some connected things and powerful things happened. This is one of them. Thank you for being here. I wish you love and happiness this year. We don’t know where our journey is taking us this year but we are not doing it alone.

  • One thing I believe in with all my heart is the energy this community has created. It’s all of us. It’s a healing energy. No matter where we are or what we are experiencing, sick or well, I believe it has an affect on each one of us, on our minds, our hearts, and our bodies. It’s got its own engine.

  • It happens rarely, but I was able to settle down. I was picturing lying on rich green moss, exhausted. There were trees around me, soft, gray beech trees. I couldn’t get up. I pictured angels in a circle, this beautiful soft light. I could see my loved one’s face. The energy of the angels got me up and I was holding onto one of the trees. There were small animals around me. Thank you. What you said was so beautiful and what a gift to wake up with that.

  • Thank you for the reading and what everyone has said. I too was surprised that you allowed 3:33 to give you such images. It occurs to me you had to open your heart and mind and not be frustrated. It feels today we always need to pay attention. I have learned that. We pay attention to even the least of things. When we do that, there are gifts waiting. I loved the Matt Kahn quote about opening our hearts.

  • That quote reminds me of what the sponsor does in the 12-step program. The sponsee thinks the sponsor is taking their calls for them, but in reality, the sponsor is sponsoring other people for themselves. They learn the principles better because they are sharing how they use the principles. It’s the same idea.

  • Thank you. We disembark from our meditation into the first day of 2021. I wish you all a gentle day with mindfulness and awareness of the tiny little things that mean so much. Because they are real and you are real and you deserve to feel loved and cared for. You are part of a supportive community.

Photo credit: Panorama of the Realized State, from the Meditation Gardens at Unity of Tustin, California. Contains symbols of all the world religions.

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