Now is the Time to Open the Door

I found the Imagined Letter from COVID-19 by Kristin Flyntz months ago and have let it sit and percolate. The Universe has wisdom greater than all thinking minds put together. With COVID in our daily lives, we are experiencing global change. We are learning beyond our defined box of normal. We are rewriting history and reconnecting our heart slowly and methodically. We are making change.

For too long we have abandoned our inner child, ignored the weeping, the rage, the pain. We want to be heard. We want to know we are loved. This is our task to fulfill and no one else’s. Now is the time to open the door.

We can choose to focus on fear and predict dire outcomes which bring us back to where we were.

Or we can focus on our breath, sit down, wrap our inner child in gentle kind arms we always hoped for and be patient, be honest and demonstrate your willingness to listen. You, the adult, know your story because you were there. You, the adult, are in charge. Healing happens when you do the work. The work is at hand.

An Imagined Letter from COVID-19 to Humans by Kristin Flyntz

Stop. Just stop. It is no longer a request. It is a mandate. We will help you. We will bring the supersonic, high-speed merry-go-round to a halt We will stop the planes the trains the schools the malls the meetings the frenetic, hurried rush of illusions and “obligations” that keep you from hearing our single and shared beating heart, the way we breathe together, in unison. Our obligation is to each other, As it has always been, even if, even though, you have forgotten. We will interrupt this broadcast, the endless cacophonous broadcast of divisions and distractions, to bring you this long-breaking news: We are not well. None of us; all of us are suffering. Last year, the firestorms that scorched the lungs of the earth did not give you pause. Nor the typhoons in Africa, China, Japan. Nor the fevered climates in Japan and India. You have not been listening. It is hard to listen when you are so busy all the time, hustling to uphold the comforts and conveniences that scaffold your lives. But the foundation is giving way, buckling under the weight of your needs and desires. We will help you. We will bring the firestorms to your body We will bring the fever to your body We will bring the burning, searing, and flooding to your lungs that you might hear: We are not well.

Despite what you might think or feel, we are not the enemy. We are Messenger. We are Ally. We are a balancing force. We are asking you: To stop, to be still, to listen; To move beyond your individual concerns and consider the concerns of all; To be with your ignorance, to find your humility, to relinquish your thinking minds and travel deep into the mind of the heart; To look up into the sky, streaked with fewer planes, and see it, to notice its condition: clear, smoky, smoggy, rainy? How much do you need it to be healthy so that you may also be healthy? To look at a tree, and see it, to notice its condition: how does its health contribute to the health of the sky, to the air you need to be healthy? To visit a river, and see it, to notice its condition: clear, clean, murky, polluted? How much do you need it to be healthy so that you may also be healthy? How does its health contribute to the health of the tree, who contributes to the health of the sky, so that you may also be healthy?

Many are afraid now. Do not demonize your fear, and also, do not let it rule you. Instead, let it speak to you—in your stillness, listen for its wisdom. What might it be telling you about what is at work, at issue, at risk, beyond the threats of personal inconvenience and illness? As the health of a tree, a river, the sky tells you about the quality of your own health, what might the quality of your health tell you about the health of the rivers, the trees, the sky, and all of us who share this planet with you?

Stop. Notice if you are resisting. Notice what you are resisting. Ask why.

Stop. Just stop. Be still. Listen. Ask us what we might teach you about illness and healing, about what might be required so that all may be well. We will help you, if you listen.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Usually, in these kinds of readings it says to slow down first. But this one made it sound a lot more urgent. It was ‘stop’, like it was an emergency. Be still and listen. It must be time. It must be time.

  • I don’t know of anyway to comfort myself around this, I’ve been thinking this way for years. I’ve seen it getting worse and worse. I am aware of the chemicals and what they do to our environment, and how people are developing these complicated chronic illnesses. When I see a sure-fire cure being advertised, it saddens me because it’s more and more chemicals being used in our society. I totally agree with the poem. It saddens me deeply. I hope enough people are going to listen.

  • It’s important not to get stuck in the sadness but to take action beyond it, whether it’s speaking up like you are doing or whatever. But to stay stuck in the sadness adds to the problem.

  • It’s nice to be back. What came up for me was, yeah, that’s what’s happening in my life. To go from three rib injuries—each one was saying nope, stop. You think you’ve got it? Nope, stop. Accepting that, it feels like there is some force that is saying ‘stop’. And it does feel urgent. What I would add is get the energies up that are calling to you to say stop. Because the signs are sometimes subtle and we may not heed them. They sometimes need to hit me over the head with a two by four.

  • That’s how I feel about fibromyalgia when it found me. I didn’t listen for a very, very long time and then it smacked me right upside