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Navigating Ourselves with Care

Life has been very challenging. Life happens and I have felt helpless and despairing at times. Change is hard. Situations trigger past traumas and make it hard to navigate through a day, let alone a week, all in the name of change.

I have felt upside down and inside out. Emotional changes bring on many emotions.

  • I want to pick a fight with someone.

  • I want to cry.

  • My emotions are a boomerang

  • I feel despair.

It's all normal. You’re not alone!

Change impacts our whole system - physical body, mind and our energy system/spirit. So, hang in there!

I was reminded yesterday of the enormous reset humanity is in. Of course we feel pushed and pulled. We are in a purge. Be patient with yourself. There is more going on here than what appears on the physical level. We are living in unprecedented ascending times as we are catapulted through change. It's not easy.

This is what I am doing:

  • Breath with awareness one step at a time – one day at a time.

  • Surrender to kindness.

  • Gentle myself as if I am the baby kitty in my hand.

  • Cry if I need to.

  • Sleep if I need to.

  • Write my feelings out.

  • My one big rule - not to hurt myself.

  • Move my body

  • Create something

  • Practice the energy work we've talked about for a year

  • Reach out for support

Be aware of self talk. I'm not allowed to berate, belittle, blame, shame, insult or put myself down. Only I can change my self-talk. See picture above.

Give yourself the gift of kindness!

You don’t have to suffer through change. Stay mindful, practice patience and hang in there.

We are learning a new normal.

As Matt Kahn says, "May I become the change I wish to see no matter how tiny of a step or how bold of a leap I am willing to take."

In love and light,


Photo credit: Susan Jeffers' Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway© training materials. Copyright 2017 Susan Jeffers LLC

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1 Comment

I have found myself more anxious than normal. So glad to have your reading to help me calm down. Thank you for the image as well. I want to print this out and refer to it in these challenging times.

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