Over the last two days, I spent eight hours in the company of Matt Kahn in a live webinar who was speaking from his home in Central Oregon. He is a living sage teaching wisdom while speaking in trance. He speaks from his own experiences. He speaks of the new spiritual paradigm. He has helped my brain let go of places I’ve been stuck based on teachings from an old spiritual paradigm point of view.

Often what he says is beyond my understanding. Sometimes his words are too much, too fast, too confusing and I continue to welcome them. I feel deeply stirred when I spend time listening to his pre-recorded videos and live webinars.

His words and his energy have helped me feel aligned in my energy body, my mind, my heart and my spirit. Sometimes I sleep while listening and that’s okay because at some level I am gaining comfort and continue to feel aligned. I resonate with him on many levels. I surrender to his teachings. A mystery is at work and it’s a good mystery.

I’m a recovering overachiever. My philosophy has always been if I’m going to do something, I have to do it to the best of my ability. No excuses. At this point in my life I am taking care of me. My accomplishments are behind me. My losses and gains are history. My life book is full of learnings from every experience and I continue to add more.

As I practice living every day, I surrender by easing up on demanding my perfection. I do the best I can in any situation.

As I practice living every day, I surrender my pessimism and remember there is a learning I discover in every experience no matter how difficult or wonderful the experience is.

As I practice living every day, I surrender and align with my heart knowing there is a Universal energy at work in my world.

As I practice living every day, I surrender and accept circumstances that arise, knowing I am a great problem solver and will use my wisdom and skills to get over the next hurdle.

As I practice living every day, I surrender to the love I feel for my family, for friends, for my community and for humanity.

As I practice living every day, I surrender to fear allowing it to bubble up and evaporate without trying to stifle its voice and jam it back down below surface.

As I practice living every day, I surrender my checklist in hand that is judging and assessing the way I act, the way I look, my thoughts, my feelings and my reactions knowing I am doing the best I can. If I abandon my heart, I will find my way back.

As I practice living every day, I surrender and trust my discernment for my choices and my actions. I can make changes to decisions I make. I take responsibility for my actions whether good or bad. I still love me no matter what.

As I practice living every day, I stand in front of my mirror and say namaste, I honor and respect the divine in me.

“In the end it won’t matter what agenda was taken down, whether secrets were unsealed or which perspective had it right on any level. All that will matter is the time you took to remain faithful in spirit, aligned in your ethics, a loving nurturer of your own heart, and inspired contributor for your friends, family and community while rooted in the wisdom of maturity no matter how dark it became before the light dawned.” - Matt Kahn

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you so much. I loved what you said about practice. It’s all about practice for me. I used to use the word ‘try’ and it was pointed out to me that try is like ‘I try but I don’t quite get it.’ But practice is like ‘I’m not perfect.’