With my head bent, my eyes low, I bow before you.

I honor the light within you.

I honor the path you walk.

I honor your life choices.

As I sit in silence, my world expands.

I am more than my body

I am more than my mind

I am aware I am.

I welcome my mind and my heart

To join together as one

Guiding me with reasoning

Guiding me with compassion.

At times my mind is inhabited with a monkey

Clanging its cymbals distracting me.

A comical crazed monkey flicking on and off the

Neon lights demanding I veer off.

Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole of despair

Losing my way into critical thoughts, and

Pointing fingers and oh poor me about

Pain and loss and life is no fair.

Each time I wander I learn.

Each time I criticize I remember

Each time I despair I find compassion

I am more than my body. I am more than my mind.

Namaste I say to the mirror

I bow to my wanderings

I bow to my despair

I bow to my fears

Namaste to my remembering

My bumblings in life are about learning

My compassion grows with each step

I surrender into the honoring.