My Manifesto of Affirmations

by Nancy Bragg

I move and stretch my body.

I replenish myself by making time for spiritual connection.

I integrate my inner life and my outer life.

I release control and welcome unknowingness. I accept and trust “what is.”

I slow down, prioritize, and pace myself to sustain my energy.

I am peaceful and at ease.

I let my life unfold. I live in my “more time” while dying.

I remain open and receptive to insights and other perspectives.

I allow myself to be angry, when something anger-worthy triggers me.

I respond from my heart and head, rather than react without reflection.

I claim my inherent worth and dignity. I respect the worth and dignity in others.

I grieve my loss of self-worth and self-love, when perfectionism sets me up for self-contempt.

I am loveable. I practice self-acceptance and self-love every day. I accept love from others. I love others and work to be in right relationship with all, including the Divine.

I let go of who people (including me) think I am supposed to be, and relax into who I am.

I notice what makes me come alive and do more of that.

I show up and am real. I am honest, down-to-earth, and let my true self be seen.

Poem by Carolyn Riker

The sky is calling me again.

It’s an invitation of numinous sorts. The evening’s oranges blend with the pinkest pinks. While morning’s halos of grays serendipitously let me think.

Not ordinary, they seem to say. You’re okay being who you are.

Clearing space to be whatever it is that asks you to explore.

Such as essential truths, known from the beginning of time, punctuated with synchronistic incantations. To me, these feelings are reassuring as much as life’s stages mirror the seasons.

Winter swells below the sea. Spring lights lightly on lemon-green leaves. Summer’s sorcery fires her fiery veracity. Autumn channels foliage likened to a soul’s key.

And as if this isn’t enough there’s always more. The abundance of intricate interpersonal connections which stymie, invigorate, and titillate helping us to see how the facets of our totality are an epic holiness revealing our inner profundity.