My Inner Sanctum

I have built a sanctum of inner peace

Designed with walls of my choosing

a doorway or two and anything else

I want because it’s my inner home

Though I am not alone --

my inner child is here with me

Along with my teenage self

And my functional overachiever.

Sometimes we pace around this sanctum

As we hold our stories close

Choosing not to share with another

Because we feel like strangers

My age is crone and yet my mind

Is not confined by my years --

I remember I am more than my experiences.

I am the collective vessel of my soul.

This is my inner sanctum

Not a sanitarium, offering

hope for more talking and sharing

Growing closer and caring.

This is the true essence of what a family means

for I rewrite my history and create a family

welcoming all of me with caring and

acceptance, and love

I am all of my experiences and

All of me is needed to go forth

I can’t leave any of you behind

Or I’ll be repeating what I have suffered.

All of me wants to be loved

Even the little girl with shame in her eyes

Even the teenager fighting against.

We all want to be counted.

So my arms are open and I welcome you

When you’re ready, no matter

if you’re peering from your hidden spaces

or your back is turned to hide your faces.

We breathe the same breath