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Love is the Pulse

We continue to bear the light

As we live our lives day after day

Time is the construct for human life

Time confines us by human standards

And we are so much more

Every sentient being in this world is spirit in

A physical form no matter what we look like

Every two legged, four legged, winged, slithering

Light, heavy, thin, wide

This is a busy world full of energy

And the busy-ness is not in industry or technology

Though all of that is convincing enough

It is busy in growth and discovery

The world is busy in aspirations and dreams

Goals and inspiration,

And above all else love is the pulse that

We all have in common no matter our story.

One foot in front of the other

One breath after the last one

One thought, one action

We move onward

Blessed are you who bear the light in unbearable times

Who testify to its endurance amid the unendurable

Who bear witness to its persistence when

Everything seems in shadow and grief

Blessed are you in whom the light

Lives in whom the brightness blazes

Your heart a chapel, an altar where in

The deepest night can be seen the fire

That shines forth in you

In unaccountable faith

In stubborn hope

In love that illumines every broken

Thing it finds.

Participants’ Reflections

  • With the sound of the crystal bowl, know that it is time to come back to the present moment, recognizing the fifteen minutes you spent with yourself in honor of self-care, of self-love, of self-realization, of getting in touch with your soul, and becoming one with your heart. As I was hearing these words, it’s a time to say that we are all super-sensitive beings and it’s a good time to practice boundaries and not extend yourself into my discomfort. Just take care of yourself.

  • Thank you for that very inspiring reading. For sure, we look up to those who have made it through hard times. Last night, I had a dream that I was visiting an aunt and uncle across the country who have been married 50 years. My uncle had a stroke and his wife has been supporting him. In my dream, I visited them and felt nurtured by their enduring love for each other.

  • Thank you for this. I experienced a deep, deep tiredness yesterday afternoon. What came to me during the meditation was about our three brains: the one in our head, the one in our heart, and the one in our gut. Yesterday, I had my granddaughter with me, who is a light bearer, a child born during Covid. I took her to the park where she gently practiced learning to walk. This kindness to ourselves goes a long the way, I saw that in her. I was out of my comfort zone, hungry, dehydrated, and as I went about taking care of my needs, her needs where met too. So thank you.

  • One thing I did during the meditation was thump my thymus. It helps in so many ways. There are so many things we can do with our physical body that taps into the energy that helps us.

  • Tonight is a new moon in Cancer, and it’s supposed to be a particularly heightened time. It’s supposed to launch three months of big transformation. I’ve been super sensitive lately and very fatigued. I’ve been finding it challenging to launch an important work product and honor my own sensitivity and intuitiveness. I’ve had to take time for that. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I am understanding that to surrender to our fatigue and needs is extremely important because the heart can’t reopen and we aren’t really living in self-love without that. Even though you felt you bumbled in the writing, it was a ray of sunshine today even in the truth of it.

  • Thank you. What kept coming to me during this time was knowing that Shirley is knowing her boundaries and knowing also that energy drains, I kept having an image of all of us sitting in beach chairs lined up, soaking in the light. All sitting quietly, not saying anything, soaking in the light.

  • There is so much going on and I’ve tried to stay in surrender and acceptance. I’ve made some mistakes and I’m in so much discomfort from poison ivy. Every day is better and I try to do what is in front of me and take care of myself. I’m taking care of other people for a week-long project. At some level, I want to say I’m failing. But I’m succeeding because I’m taking care of myself in the process and I’m taking care of others. I’m there for myself and others. I am in surrender mode in this process.

  • Thank you. I was also feeling fatigued but I thought it was just me. It’s comforting to know others are in the same state. I feel asleep during a zoom last night and was embarrassed in the breakout rooms afterwards because I didn’t know what was said. I’ve been getting up an hour later and it’s just probably taking more out of us to be part of the world again than what we’ve been used to while we were insulated.

  • I used to stay up til 11:30 pm. In the last few years, I’ve gone to bed earlier. I’m working on various projects that involve doing service for others. Doing all this work has helped me stay awake later.

  • Thank you for showing up today. Thank you for listening. We took our hearts into the 15 minutes of silence. We take our ears to hear; our eyes to see our soul. It’s finding those little tidbits of comfort no matter how brief they can be, they do add comfort because they hold energy. We wonder how on earth to stay centered when the body is in such discomfort. It’s grabbing those little moments and breathing in to them. Time is a human. A life can change in a moment. Have a gentle day. I wish you all choices that support you in your body, mind and spirit.

Photo credit: An empty beach with footsteps on the sand on an island in Spain.

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