Living on the Edge

Over seven years ago I worked in a job that required me to be focused at all times due to the sensitivity of the population my boss was serving. I kept order in the office while my life was spinning out of control. My daughter’s health was deteriorating rapidly. The possibilities of organ transplant in the Boston area were growing less likely due to approximately 30 people waiting at the edge of their life. I had a small team of people on task searching for transplant centers that met her transplant needs. Every day I lived in crisis while hanging on to a job that demanded I keep order.

I feel like life is similar right now as we wait for a critical election to come and we wait for this deadly virus to get under control and we wait in an unstable environment.

A colleague of mine helped me. He suggested I look at my workday hour by hour. Every hour I commit to working 55 minutes and set aside five minutes to let down, let myself cry or worry or just close my eyes to the stress and strain. Five minutes of every hour, let go.

He also suggested during the 55 minutes of every hour if I find myself unable to concentrate, do a math problem. Force my mind to engage in simple math.

Both these techniques helped me cope through a very very difficult time. I had responsibilities during my workday, so five minutes every hour I let go, and 55 minutes of every hour I focused on my job using simple math problems to focus me if I drifted.

  • I choose not to be a run-away train.

  • I help myself.

  • I use affirmations that enhance my well being.

  • I practice meditation.

  • I ground in nature and breathe in the calmness around me.

  • I look into the eyes of a loved one and focus on the joy of their presence.

  • I give words to my angst by writing.

  • I pray for guidance and insight.

  • I take salt baths to recharge my energy,

  • I choose foods that uplift my energy, not enhance my addictions.

  • I censor negative input by avoiding gossip, exaggeration and fear-based programming.

  • I monitor my self-talk.

  • I keep my eyes on my own feet.

I believe in a change of perspective.

I believe in me.

I believe in you.

We are in this together.

We model for each other.

We are worthy of our self-care

We deserve kindness and respect

There is no wrong way because any way leads us home to ourselves.

I am on your side. You be on your side too.

Lost (David Wagoner)