Living as an Empath

I’ve leaned over the edge and fallen into my heart

It happened without me realizing it

I set my intention to exist in my truth

To find my alignment within

I feel so deeply about everything

and wonder if I fit in at all any more

to the world teeming around me

it all seems so far off shore

I still look the same, there’s been no change there.

People seem to recognize my voice.

I still eat and sleep, laugh and cry

What’s different is my insides

I stand in one place

And see a panoramic view of the

World around me with all the lights

hurrying about looking for their truth

It’s up to me to decide to listen

To the hopes and pain

Or choose a boundary to keep me sane

Being an empath is hard

We are beacons of light emitting a charge

We are detectors of pain and hurt from life

Living with our hearts in our bodies of light

we each are striving for the path to our heart

to feel the truth in our core and love

Practicing self-acceptance is a key

Using boundaries to set us free

Forget about enlightenment By: John Welwood

Sit down wherever you are

And listen to the wind singing in your veins.