Liminal Space

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

By Nancy Bragg

Five years ago, my mom died.

I was grieving.

Liminal space unfolded in front of me,

creating space between “what was,”

nine years of road trips to be with Mom,

and possibilities of “what could be.”

This uncomfortable place

felt like an empty, bleak, void.

I paused,

and sank into the in-between.

It was my time for reflection

and renewal.

I felt like I was in limbo,

a place of liminality,

like gestating in a cocoon,

while transforming into a butterfly.

I practiced patience, waiting,

and not knowing.

I could tell I was standing on

a threshold of the unknown.

A sense of positive potential bubbled up -

a bit of excitement, expectancy,

like I was on the verge of something

genuinely new.

I practiced being open and receptive.

When my friend told me about a spiritual deepening program,

I immediately knew in my heart, without a doubt,

the program was right for me.

My spiritual deepening started with that inner knowing.

I recognized that I was already engaged

in my intentional spiritual journey.