Life is a Cabinet Full of Experiences

Sometimes I don’t have a clue

what to do next

Though my filing cabinet

is full of life experiences

What works what doesn’t

Open doors

and don’t go there agains

Welcome this in but don’t choose that

Knowledge with hindsight

Speaking with awareness

I am emerging through the

What if’s, should do’s, have to’s

Flip flopping between what is right

and what makes me happy

the discerning that happens

minute by minute

Where I place my attention

Where I put my efforts

Where to move my body

What action to take

What to think

What to feel

Let this in

block that out

For it takes but a second

To feel an explosion of bliss

Or an explosion of sorrow

To the next step of

Letting go or hanging on

Freeing the triggers

Or harboring them in pain

Dancing in joy

Or frozen in silence