• Pam

Leaves of Solace

by Pam

There is a theme that has been playing over and over throughout my life. Helpless and voiceless. I've found solace in helping two-legged and four-legged beings and feeling my heart. I wanted to share this poem I wrote with all of you.

Finding my voice

Where was my voice

And where will it be

Was it lost, is it found

Can I ever be free?

So much guilt

And so much shame

So much sorrow

To my name

I felt so small

So helpless so meek

I just couldn’t muster

The courage to speak

As I grow in my soul

I feel soft lights

My voices are whispers

Of delight

Gazing to birds wings

On their important flights.

My voice feels the winds

Of buffering trees

The beautiful songs

Giving me ease

The breezes blowing

Through my soul

Comforts of angels

Help me know