Journey of a Soul

Sometimes I get tired of cooperating

With myself and want to break out of my rules

Ignore my body’s needs and just

Scream as loud as I can in the street

Without a care for who will hear me

Or what anyone will think.

I want to rip off my mask

and stop following my rules

And just let go of the reins

that guide me down my safe

Path with my safe food using my

Safe words thinking my safe thoughts

Then I look back and remember

all these years defining myself,

defining my needs,

Defining my safety and boundaries.

I stand on this vista looking

Back on the journey that brought me

Past my childhood pain, my sexual

Orientation, my career choices

Past the miracles of birth and the

Devastating losses, beauty and pain,

Understanding and wisdom

Right to where my feet stand now.

I am living my herstory

One day at a time,

struggling and succeeding

Loving and losing, and loving again

Books are being written now

About our Herstories and histories

To be published for others to read

How we soothed our hearts

And lear