It’s About the Journey

About a month ago

I was asked to perform a task

I thought was beyond my abilities.

It’s not important the task or the people

What is important is the door that opened.

My calendar was noted

for four weeks ahead

I wasn’t ready was my inside voice

Yes, I am was my quiet voice

I’m not good enough is my inside voice.

You are everything you need said my quiet voice

I imagined myself into panic

My quiet voice sat by me in silence

I imagined my failure

My quiet voice stayed steady.

Back and forth we went through the days

As I watched the calendar pass

Walking up one road of fear

And down another to acceptance

Little by little my quiet voice guided me

through all the obstacles I threw in my path

Little by little I found guidance

Inside and outside

An energy clearing here

A profound message of support there

I listened and doubted

I listened and watched the calendar

I discovered I am not alone

Even when I’m scared.

I ask for help and answers come

I say yes and find inner guidance

Day by day

Week by week

I changed

Until I was ready

And the appointment cancelled.

And I knew it wasn’t about the appointment

It was about the journey.

I learned so much

I cleared so much

Thank you for this journey

Through my fears and doubts

Through the mountainous obstacles

I threw in my path

The illusions seem real

The fears construct metal mountains

I breathe past my fears

I’m not alone

Now I’m prepared

Now I’m ready.

A Journey by Dr. M. Coleman Harris Life is like a journey Taken on a train With a pair of travellers At each windowpane. I may sit beside you All the journey through, Or I may sit elsewhere Never knowing you. But if fate should make me To sit by your side, Let’s be pleasant travelers; It’s so short a ride.