It is time to still, to pause

Comfort finds me when I stop and breathe

Not a breath forced through a gasp

But a breath light and deep

Fully taken in like a long feather

Blown out through a gentle straw

Slowly I inhale the clear breeze

Coming off the ocean with the

Scent of salt and sound of gull.

I stand in the vastness before me

And bask in the softness of air

As roots grow through the sand

Into the earth

Into my marrow

It is time to still, to pause

And remember

I stand in my world

Balance feet on this earth.

The earth holds me up

and I hold me steady.

Movement happens

within the walls of my skin

blood flowing, bones mending

tendons and cartilage,

muscles and joints supported and

encased in my energy walls.

I am connected,

all working together

in my physical body

standing in my energy body

standing on the earth.

My energy center holds

the essence of who I am,

safely surrounded by guards in

proportions of strength.