In a Space that is Infinite

When I sit in deep meditation,

I often find myself deep down

in the depths of the ocean.

I’m not sunken as one might imagine

I am floating

in a space that is infinite.

There is comfort around me.

My awareness is heightened

by all my senses

alert as I experience

this place of my inner self.

I exist in peace.

The sensations in my body are pleasant,

almost a light breeze caressing me.

A thought comes in and I look up

and see high above

the surface and the sky beyond.

My thoughts are floating on the surface,

bobbing with the movement of the ocean.

I am not my thoughts

for I am deeply nestled

in a place of stillness,

a sanctuary of sorts

empty and full,

quiet and surrounded by aliveness,

Without a body and yet I see my body,

opposites, none and all.

Stillness has brought me here.

My inner world is deep

Yet I look up to pray

My inner world is filled with life

And yet I sit alone

My thoughts are floating by

And yet sometimes weigh heavy on my mind