I Take Action With an Affirmation

If my grandchild were to ask me what the key to life is, my answer would be to live in the moment. To use your smart brain to realize this moment right now is truth and everything else around it is history or speculation.

Living in the moment is all I have control of. My mind plays tricks on me thinking I can control my next moment by thinking ahead, figuring out what’s next, what to do, what to say, what to wear. But it’s all that, just a trick. A distraction.

Over the years, I’ve suffered from panic attacks that catapult me into an out-of-control state where I can’t deal with life. Panic sets in when I’m reliving the past and speculating about the future. Bringing myself back to the moment is calming because that is what is. What I see and hear and feel right in front of my nose is my moment.

I’m proud I was able to stay present for my interview yesterday. I approached the designated time with excitement. “I am excited” I said. If I chose the words “I am nervous” I knew the cascading effect would be nervous anticipation that would bring in my what if’s and my judgmental shoulds. I’ve learned through practice that nervous anticipation is no fun. Not for me or anyone in my presence. I chose not to go there. I was determined to follow through. Sometimes it’s not so smooth.

Training my brain to stay in the moment is a day-by-day process. Sharing with my community buoys me as I recall others moving through their challenges and coming away with key words that buoy them. Words hold intention. I have to pay attention listening carefully to the words that I speak. I am my own monitor.

Some days, I awaken from dreams that are full of worry and anticipation. I am lost from the get-go. I don’t remember to be present because I am occupied by big puffy demanding worries. I can’t find the door out. I can’t remember where I’m going. With no direction, I happen to glance at my old affirmation written on a tattered index card taped on my bathroom cabinet. It takes a second to read. I fool my brain by reading my message. “I am present in my body.”

One little affirmation can change the direction of my thoughts. One little affirmation brings my awareness to my feet standing on the floor holding up my body leaning on the counter facing the mirror reading the message. I find my moment and remember.

Affirmations are my remedies for moments I am lost from the present. I look at affirmations like prescriptions I write when I diagnose myself with feeling fear, having less-than thinking, feeling doubt, self-judgment, forgetting about self-care. I take action with an affirmation. I look for ways to interrupt my stinking thinking.

I trust my life.

I am safe and I am happy.

I live in expectancy.

I am here now.

I love and accept myself.

I am patient with myself as I navigate through my day.

I hold the answers I am looking for.


By Winfred Mathenge

The present moment, as small and brief

as it may seem…

a blink of an eye,