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I Am Silence

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

This is a poem I wrote inspired from I Am Meditations by Gracemarie Cirino

When I was younger

I loved to swim

Under water holding

My breath and reaching

Outwards with my arms

Pulling the water

Towards me as I frogged

My legs and glided

Through the water.

That’s how I feel when

I’m sitting in silence

Looking for a strand

Of thought to

Describe the comfort

I feel sitting in silence

Silence is my friend

I visit every day

Always there waiting

To slide its arm

Around my shoulders

To welcome and settle me in.

Some days I am antsy

and impatient knowing

it’s just 15 minutes

To get through

Other days I am floating

In nothingness for what feels

Like one minute

and has been 15.

The knowing of

Nothingness is fullness

Dreaming is focusing

In gratitude

In kindness

I am silence.


“It speaks

Sometimes loudly

But always truthfully

What I hear

In the silence

Of my heart

Tells me

Who I really am

Tells me where to go

Tells me what is



What is poison

Helps me to


Into the unknown

I am silence”

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I like the idea of silence as a friend. I have a full house, husband and two boys. I need a girlfriend, a best friend. I am accepting silence as my new best friend. It feels good.

  • I liked the idea of a strand or string. I fly kites, small ones and really big ones. I like the feeling of surrendering to the wind, while holding a magical thread. This morning as part of my collage card ritual, I picked a seal card. I was reminded of a time when I was flying a kite and the string broke and the kite fell into the ocean. I went to retrieve it and a seal came up to me and we shared the moment together. It was quite a blessing.

  • Thank you for sharing that. We all have experienced it now.

  • This group wouldn't be here without silence. It brought us together. I am hearing phrases, like ‘silence is golden’, and ‘be still and know that I am god.” We are all parts of god. During the meditation, I thought of ballerinas on tiptoes. This is a good approach for us as we age. Tiptoe into next stages of life, not rush into it. I thought of a song “On Jordan's stormy banks” when you say “see you on the other side” at the beginning of the meditation. This space engenders the memory of song.

  • I love the fullness of silence. I am aware of my heartbeat. During the meditation, I thought of giving hearts, hearts that give out more and more. It is special to know people who are that.

  • During the meditation and in the silence, I broke through an energetic blockage in my feet. I have tried the western medicine route and I’ve been focusing on the eastern approach towards healing. I can feel the change. Nothingness is fullness.

  • I heard something bad before the meditation started. During the meditation, I felt compelled to start writing. I’ve always known that I am a vessel holding the emotions of people around me. I have constant digestive responses to the emotions, even in elementary school. As I was writing, I realized I am holding the pain in my body. And that if I am holding it, I can release it. This was the first time I am outside the experience of holding this pain. I wrote about how we can breathe out the pain and transform it. We aren't ignoring or discounting the pain, but remedying it by replacing it with love.

  • I too have thought of myself as a sin-eater. There is an Aztec Goddess named Tlazolteotl who was the “dirt-eater.” She transforms sin into good. Your burping is all good; you are not digesting it, but taking it in and transforming it. Women do this, have done it for millennia.

  • It’s okay to believe in goddesses. They are powerful.

  • And they work through us

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