I Am Silence

Updated: Jun 27

This is a poem I wrote inspired from I Am Meditations by Gracemarie Cirino

When I was younger

I loved to swim

Under water holding

My breath and reaching

Outwards with my arms

Pulling the water

Towards me as I frogged

My legs and glided

Through the water.

That’s how I feel when

I’m sitting in silence

Looking for a strand

Of thought to

Describe the comfort

I feel sitting in silence

Silence is my friend

I visit every day

Always there waiting

To slide its arm

Around my shoulders

To welcome and settle me in.

Some days I am antsy

and impatient knowing

it’s just 15 minutes

To get through

Other days I am floating

In nothingness for what feels

Like one minute

and has been 15.

The knowing of

Nothingness is fullness