Hello Core Belief!

Updated: Jun 27

A concept is an idea or notion conceived in the mind. A core belief is a concept or notion conceived in the mind resulting from an experience while living our life. The only difference between the two is the core belief is nestled deeply within our psyche acting as a filter to all our experiences.

I developed a belief I was unsafe if I was misunderstood. I can come up with many examples of how this played out while reading the history of oppressed people. My story doesn’t matter. My core belief matters because it impacts my day-to-day life.

I live in a paradox with my human mind cooperating with my spiritual purpose. Actually, I think we all do. I choose to exercise my spiritual purpose a lot more than the average person, and often feel alone though I am not.

The latest video of Matt Kahn talks about limiting concepts, and our awareness of them helps us understand and release them.

It occurred to me the other day, rather spontaneously, the only thing standing in my way to accepting my personal power is me. I get in my way because of my belief system. I feel unsafe expressing myself freely because of the scenario I play out in my head over and over.

It’s so easy for me to ignore the familiar scenario because I’ve seen it so many times.

Something bad will happen because of something I do. I have ignored this repeating story for years much like I ignore the dust on the floor and the mess in the corner. Frankly, I’m tired of holding back. I want to be free to express what I have to say and not confined by my core belief.

In yesterday's reading, I did just that and let my guide share the message without slashing and censoring what I received. I allowed the message to come through. It was scary. My intention was to stay present as I listened to my message. I knew there would be a backlash as there always is. It would be okay.

My backlash was the same reaction for years – bouts of crying as I found things to be upset over. Those bouts turned into anger at the world for its lack of safety. Those bouts turned into retreating to my bed and hiding until I felt safe enough to come out. And yesterday’s was new to me, a racing energy throughout my body like my insides were sounding an alarm warning me that everything was wrong. I just couldn’t place my finger on what it was. I felt out of control. I stayed present with it. It was uncomfortable. I got some reprieve in the evening while watching a movie. The movie changed my focus which helped me change my thoughts. I made it through the day.

I believe every time I practice gentle loving kindness to myself, I build more of a foundation to fall back on when I choose to push against my core beliefs and be free.

As Matt Kahn says, and I paraphrase, we can choose to believe we need to clear a limiting belief before we can step into the divine light we already are. If we hang on to that notion we need to change, we are giving our power to that belief and that keeps us stuck in the loop of “if only I could.”

Some more paraphrasing of Kahn: for one split second if you allowed yourself to abide as the living presence of God in its most imperfect form, “if you can do that for five seconds, the wallpaper of pain and fear will begin peeling off the walls of your infinite eternal being.”

We live a paradoxical life with two contradictory concepts. In truth, we are living reality in the form of divinity. We are here to remember and we remember by learning through life’s lessons.

I’m tired of running from myself. I choose to be who I am and I know I am okay.

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