Growth Happens

Her hair hung below her waist bumping at the back of her knees when she walked. Brown and sleek. She came to me for a psychic reading, confused in her direction in life. I never know where my guides will lead me with a seeker. I trust my process of letting go and follow the guidance I hear and see. This reading was 20 years ago and I still remember the overall message. Cut the hair. So much of her perceived identity was in her hair. It was time to renew, refocus and let go. She walked away from the reading a bit stunned. I was confused too.

Months later, I ran into her again in a social setting and her hair was short. She was laughing and smiling. Without prompting she recounted the freedom she felt. By cutting her hair, she was able to think beyond her limits, freed of her old perceptions and felt like anything was possible. The act of cutting her hair cleared her energy field and compelled her to look with confidence for next steps.

Clearing energy is a tool I use often to change how I emotionally feel, what I’m perseverating on and always helps ease my physical body. I taught myself about my energy body, the system of energy that flows in my energy field.

For four decades, Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with the body's energy systems. Her goal is to help people reclaim their health and natural vitality. As an energy healer she sees and feels energy. She has authored books and offers videos online demonstrating techniques to clear energy, re-energize the flow of energy and unblock energy. I run my meridians on a weekly basis, a technique I learned from her books and videos. This routine is part of my self-care.

As this earth continues its ascension into a higher state of consciousness, humans are rumbling and bumbling in confusion, discomfort and fear. So much appears to be falling apart and yet an underlying rebuilding is happening. There’s no better way to say, this time is much like a lanky teenager struggling to individuate and sometimes making a mess in life. Nonetheless, growth happens and the blessing of maturity dawns.

So too the consciousness of humanity is changing. Matt Kahn shares:

"As we continue to move through corridors of expanded awareness, it is always so essential to be as patient and loving with yourself as possible. As awareness expands, it amplifies your sensory experiences on either side of the emotional scale. This means the moments that feel moving to your heart may trigger an overwhelm of inspiration. Equally so, the disturbing images and deeper truths being revealed on a social and political level may be effecting you even deeper than ever before.”
“Whether you are experiencing profound waves of expansion or more agitation for the things in view, one of your most practical and powerful tools to help you through these shifts is your willingness to feel. When you feel your way through your experiences versus attempting to overanalyze or predict your way from one moment to the next, you are allowing your human vessel to be the emotional processing center of your energy field — converting stagnant emotional densities into currents of higher consciousness. During these rather intense times, it is never wrong to feel your emotions, even if they overwhelm you to the point of happy or sad tears.”
“No matter how anything looks or feels, this is the ascension and it is well under way. As you learn to perceive the expansion of consciousness, based on the evolution of your own values in action, you are able to see a planet of humans transforming at record speed; most of which have no idea the healing that is occurring on a global and individual level. The more you awaken and align with the light, the more others can remember this process of awakening to allow their will to choose growth and expansion over the stagnation of avoidance, defense, judgment, and addiction.”

Matt Kahn encourages us to:

  • Get the much-needed rest your body-mind requires”

  • “Dare to ask for help instead of doing it all yourself”

  • “Make deliberately healthier choices on a more frequent basis”

  • “Ask the Universe to help you rid your life of addiction patterns”

  • “With gratitude, discard anything in your home that fuels patterns of addiction”

  • “Set powerful intentions for a new you to be birthed with no attachment to outcome”

  • Make peace with your past and present by forgiving those who have abandoned their light in your life.