Gifts of Creativity

We all have busy lives, some more so than others. I have the luxury of owning my time, being in preferment (retirement). Others have families and daily jobs that require undivided attention. However your day is carved out, we need to sleep and restore.

I ask myself this morning, what am I doing with my awake time? Life during the pandemic is different. I’m remembering several years ago teaching the fundamentals of Susan Jeffers’ theories of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. This book changed my life over 25 years ago bringing me awareness and tools to manage my anxiety and fear.

One of the tools is creating a Life Grid where we map out a bird’s eye view the categories of our interests and what percentage we practice. For example, my grid consists of family, health, education, service, spiritual growth, playtime, career and travel. The general purpose of the grid helps demonstrate the balance of our interests. Not living our lives with eggs all in one or two baskets.

I realized I was missing creativity in my life. I started a journey searching for what would inspire my imagination to get my creative juices flowing. I experimented with wood carving, crocheting and knitting, drawing and sketching and finally found what feeds my soul and excites my imagination.

I also woke up my inner critic with a core belief that I’m not good at being creative because I believe nothing looks like it’s supposed to look. I felt vulnerable sharing what I created because it came from my insides. I worked through this block and one step at a time, my inner juices are now flowing. There’s something wonderful about creativity.

Gifting myself time to be creative helps my problem-solving skills, focuses my attention and I relax, and find a wonderful freedom of expression.

I’ve tweaked my life grid down to a day grid, and ask the same question. Within a 24-hour day what does my approximately 17 hours of awake time consist of? Mindfulness helps me find balance in my isolation.

As for my creative activity? Early last year while vacationing on the coast, I found prosperity hen garlands displayed in a shop, bought it and studied how to make one myself. Hens symbolize happiness and blessings. They also symbolize curiosity and courage. I sew and stuff the hens, decorate them so they twinkle with sequins and beads and then string them together with more beads. They hang as a decoration. They are delightful and make great gifts. I’ve created over a dozen at this point and will continue on this journey. Creativity is meditative, relaxing and pleases my senses. It’s a win-win activity.

A Poem about Creativity by Jennifer Williamson

Orange Energy

All I want to do is delight—

Throw the mask off,

Not care and not worry,

Not explain what I mean nor

Define what I do.

Just be whatever I feel like being.

Just relish in the energy of this moment.

I want to be so alive that

I feel like the moon,

Throwing tides just for fun,

Creating because it’s what I’m

Here to do.

I want to love the color orange,

Just because it craves delight too.

I want to cry because

I’m so in love with the miracle of

Being alive.

I don’t want to feel like I’m


I want to try and feel like I’m


I want to write the poetry,

Read the poetry, and

Breathe the poetry.

I want my life to be a


Messy mosaic that even I

Can’t help but fall in love with.

Create! Create!

I feel the winds of fury

Blowing through me.

Even my bones are smiling.

I hear my veins pulsing with

Desire, like branches

Dancing in the breezes.

Wildflowers are waving and

The ocean blossoms with a new idea.

Crazy and beautiful is

How I want my life to feel.

Let it be. Let it be.

I write to be free.

I read to tap in.

I absorb the poetry.

And so it shall be.

And now I am this energy.

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