Getting Out Of Our Own Way

Today we stand on the edge of time. Gazing over the cusp. I hold a looking glass in my hand, not to see into the future but to see into my heart. This looking glass only shows truth. I hold it steady gazing into my soul.

It’s been quite the time, the past 365 days. Rocks overturned, bridges rebuilt, new landscapes erected, thicker skin, deeper knowing, battle wounds, truer breath and clarity. The great sifting away of the mundane is taking place. Humanity is practicing the art of prioritizing the importance of truth, goodness and love.

Within the next 24 hours we step into a new calendar, a fresh start into the new year. In reality we are already walking in the new world. Our eyes are opened. Our way is more defined to include sustainability, survival and sureness of each step. The air holds expectancy laced with limitless possibilities. If we only get out of our own way. We continue to practice listening to our heart, not our fear. We continue to practice focusing on the good, not worrying about the what-if’s and the should’s.

It takes commitment to look into my soul and remember integrity defines me, not fear. My truths define me, not outside beliefs. I walk along side Great Spirit, Higher Power, God, Goddess and all that represents love and light. When I feel lost, it is I who has turned away from the light. Love’s presence is always there, always present, always holding space for me until I choose to come back. My way is always clear when I follow truth. There is no lack. There is only love.

I’m getting better at asking for help along my path. I remember always to begin with gratitude. If I lose my way there is always gratitude to find no matter my foggy thoughts. I ask for help. I ask for clarity. I ask for understanding. I ask for patience. I ask for comfort. Learning to ask for gifts is half the task. The other half is my willingness to stick around to receive them. I choose to be present. I choose to. I ask for gentleness if I am lost knowing I can find my way back to the rock of my integrity. It is there I find the seat of my soul.

I raise my eyes to the New Year. It holds new lessons, new insights, new friends, new challenges, new beginnings and new endings, all part of the ebb and flow of life. I raise my eyes beyond what my brain perceives and acknowledge there is more. I widen my arms to receive help from other beings, both embodied and nonembodied. I lift my chin to the world saying yes, I am ready to begin again and again and again, every sunrise, every sunset, every decision. No matter what path I take, I am learning. Every path leads me to more wisdom and I know wisdom is often gained through struggle and challenge. I am a survivor. I am a learner. I am a human. I am a soul. My spirit moves through both. My humanity and my soul rest in my silence. I am grateful I am listening.

A Prayer to Welcome in the New Year by Myra Goodman

As I stand upon the Earth with the light of the New Year dawning, I lift my face to welcome the rising sun grateful for the constancy of its radiant warmth that coaxes everything to grow.

I pray for a loving connection with all of creation, remembering that I share the sun’s infinite light with all living beings.

I pray to honor and release last year’s sorrows, to let go of separation and condemnation, to have faith in the essential goodness of all beings.

I pray to always live with an awareness of my original infinite nature, in gratitude for the abundance and beauty the Earth graciously bestows. In this New Year, and forever more, to walk forward in love toward the light.

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Participants’ Reflections:

  • This group is a magnificent super-organism! Happy New Year!