Finding a New Perspective

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Slowing down in new perspectives

Has helped me hear my heartbeat

And catch the twinkle in my eye

At the woman in the mirror.

I am out of my routine and

realize how congested I was

by expectations and routines.

I feel lighter and renewed

A change in perspective

Is refreshing as it’s so easy

to get caught up

In the humdrum of life.

Daily routines become habits

Like wearing a watch on the same wrist,

Donning the same clothes

Rut after rut after rut.

I’m shaken up by

the shore and the shells

And the tides and the sand

Renewing my vision.

Sometimes shaking up life

Sifts out unwanted memories

Like the pain and loss of my

Spouse 14 years ago which I

Thought I dealt with only to find

It neatly delivered to my dream door

To revisit the cobwebs

Gathered there where I left off.

Change in perspectives unleash

My feet off my daily path

With new noises, sights and smells

And my senses are renewed.