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Fierce Wisdom

“Honor the sacred Honor the Earth, our Mother Honor the Elders Honor all with whom we share the Earth
Four-leggeds Two-leggeds Winged ones Swimmers Crawlers Plant and rock people
Walk in balance and beauty.”

I wake this morning knowing without a doubt there is wisdom flowing in the air. As I breathe, I feel wisdom particles filling my lungs, settling in between the spaces of my being. There is a great force at work on the Earth this very moment. It exists in the air I breathe. It is unstoppable.

These wisdom particles hold health, truth and love in my being. I welcome wisdom in my life, in my body and mind, in my very being. Wisdom resides in my tears and laughter. Wisdom sits patiently if I feel fear and if I feel doubt. Wisdom rides in every decision I make and rises to the surface of every illusion I gaze at.

This wisdom permeates every aspect of living on Earth. This wisdom lights the way. I look for the wisdom and find it. This wisdom envelops every struggle, every doubt, every obstinate child, cantankerous adult and those who have lost their way. Wisdom dwells in those suffering and those who are victims. Wisdom resides in every being on Earth.

At times I choose fear and fall into the dismal energy that appears to blanket the Earth. I remember this is a blanket of illusion. I breathe and invite wisdom in and the illusion evaporates. I can choose to believe or deny. Every breath I take invites wisdom. Every morsel of nutrition I eat invites wisdom. Every doubt I entertain invites wisdom.

Worthiness or unworthiness does not exist in wisdom and only serves the fearful mind. Wisdom holds a steady presence in every being on Earth. I choose with gratitude my ability to discern. When I doubt, I always ask, “what would wisdom do?”

As I breathe, I know without a doubt wisdom touches every living being around me. My patience lies in my wisdom. My energy touches every being’s energy much like the trees communicate and support each other. By my breath, this sharing occurs automatically without question. Healing is happening. Wisdom is flowing.

Wisdom sits in the arms of love. There is no greater force more powerful than love.

“Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.” - Lakota Prayer

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you so much for this reading and sharing on the gift of doubt. As much as it can come from a place of fear, it can come from a place of deep wisdom. And when it comes up, to tap into that place. Thank you for that gift.

  • Thank you. I’m reading a book called Information, and you’ve gone beyond information into wisdom. I am amazed. To see and feel wisdom in everything around me is an incredible concept. I love thinking about that and embracing that idea. So powerful. And you talked about the illusion of fear. It’s so easy to get caught up in the illusion of everything that is happening around us. You remind me to be in this wisdom state and not this illusion of fear state. It’s a good reminder. Thank you.

  • Thank you. Again, it’s wonderful to hear your words. I was happy you repeated the words with deep conviction -- there is wisdom flowing in the air. I can feel and hear that from you. I feel the doubt and fear since I’ve gone back to work. The fear will come. It’s a good mantra to remember that wisdom is in the air. I often say to myself, “what will a grown up do?” Some say “what will Jesus do?” I like the words, “what would wisdom do?” Yesterday, I was tired from work and I wanted to lash out, and I did think to myself, do the opposite. When I do the opposite, I don’t have to behave like that. What would a grown up do? Sometimes I may stamp my feet, but I do have better outcome when I don’t act out. Thank you.

  • Thank you. Wisdom, when you first said ‘there is wisdom flowing in the air,’ I took a breath and paused to see what it smelt like and taste it. I am struggling with not needing to know. Your reading and your thoughts are helpful for me to just say I accept. And I’ll find the wisdom. I may not know it right now. If I just stay open, it’ll come to me. I woke up in the morning a couple days ago and said I want to play, I want joy in my life. I got an invitation to play pickleball which I did. And then, I was coming home on my bicycle in the dark afterwards. I was excited in the moment and going too fast and I came around a corner and tried to stop. I slipped on leaves and impaled my back on a landscape stick. I could feel it as I went down. It’s dark, I’m in the bushes. I can’t breathe, I can’t yell. I’m thinking how is anyone going to find me here. I asked God for help, I don’t know what to do. Someone rode his bike right to me and was able to get help. I had a nice ride in the ambulance. I feel like I’m in traction and I can’t move very well, and the pain is bad. And I’m thinking, you’ve got to be kidding, I’m just getting back to myself, what’s going on? So, to listen to you this morning, it’s like, all right, I can’t say if it’s good, can’t say if it’s bad. I don’t know. Stay with whatever the lesson is. Be pleasant. Slow down. And breathe the wisdom. I’m going to hold that for today. Thank you for being here.

  • Life has got your attention. I believe you will heal fast because you are paying attention.

  • I loved the Lakota poem in your reading. Thank you for that. I believe that for a long time if everyone was respected, animals, people and nature, if everyone saw their intelligence and souls and beauty, this whole Earth wouldn’t be in the trouble it is in.

  • Jamie Sams is a beautiful Native-American author. A powerful presence, speaks a lot, a strong presence on the internet.

  • Yesterday, right before meditation, I had four birds land on the deck, very close to me. They were common birds. A big blue jay fussing in my flowerpot foraging for seeds. A small female cardinal, and I could see how beautiful her colors were. We always say it’s the male with the colors, but if you see her close up, she was beautiful. And then there was a male cardinal, strutting around in his finery. And finally, there was another male cardinal who looked like he had overslept and his feathers were all ruffled, or maybe he was just young and kind of cocky. They made me feel so happy. I thought of them as soul birds. They can be something worrying, but to me it was joyous. It was such a gift.

  • Soul birds. What gifts they bring in just being themselves. They emanate the wisdom.

  • Soul birds. I was stopped by the light and I heard this noise, and I looked over and there was a tree that was erupting with sound. I don’t know if it had berries on it or what, but I could see it was completely filled with birds that were all chirping. And every once in a while, one would tip out or another one would. I just rolled the window down and sat there and enjoyed the noise. Just thinking about these messages we get. It was just magical.

  • Sounds like a soul pool like we are.

  • Your words about wisdom being in the air and the other sharings about discernment of wisdom, fear vs what’s inside of us. When I speak, I often think it’s coming from a place of wisdom and depth, and I want to share. But later, I think that was coming from a place of ego. It’s difficult to know the difference at times. Sacred pause.

  • That’s excellent awareness. I think our fear makes us question whether it’s coming from our ego but our wisdom speaks the words. I would simply say ‘thank you for sharing’ when you know your truth. Practice fierce wisdom.

  • I too was seeing trees filled with birds. One would take off, they’d all fly together. Its beautiful. What you said was so cool. I see a wisdom pool here, all together.

  • There’s a book “What the Robin Knows”. If people love birds, they might like that book by Jon Young, who is quite a wisdom teacher.

  • Thank you, every one of you for following your wisdom and creating sacred space for yourself to sit in silence and listen. We can entertain the wisdom or we can entertain the fear. Thank the fear for sharing, and pay attention to the wisdom. Have a gentle day.

Photo Credit: Cyrus E. Dallin, Appeal to the Great Spirit, 1909. Bronze, green patina. Gift of Peter C. Brooks and others

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