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Exit Points

At 7:30 in the morning 15 years ago today, my life shifted direction. I was married with a blended family for the last 15 years. Life had changed for us as all four girls graduated high school and were moving on to college. We had a comfortable home, worked and managed our relationship over many challenges. I was and still am a practicing psychic along with a regular job that gave me a steady income.

We both were challenged with our personal issues. For approximately six months before this time, I had been experiencing my guides asking me what I wanted to do with my life if I were alone? I continued to have visions of people visiting our large home, sleeping on the floor and standing at our front door with packages of food. It was a full household and I couldn’t figure out what the message was. I didn’t have an answer. My spouse was an activist and at one point I latched onto the idea we would create a safe house for traveling activists. It was a plausible idea. I lived with the unknowing.

I traveled for my job, often visiting surrounding cities and states using my skill as a freelance court reporter working in law offices and courthouses. I felt an intensifying energy building that left me on edge most of the time. I struggled with understanding.

Until that morning at 7am. We yelled bye to each other from different parts of the house and she walked out the door with me following ten minutes later. Our routes were the same up to a point. As I navigated my car down the State highway, I ran into a major roadblock 10 minutes later. My first thought was, oh no, she got in an accident. I overrode those thoughts and images, turned around and detoured my way to my destination.

When I landed at the curbside an hour later in front of the attorney’s office, I called my office and spoke with my assistant. It’s funny how life slows down at that point. I was told I had a call from someone at the major medical center in our area. She didn’t leave a message. When I called the emergency room, life went into action.

The next two days were a blur. She lost control of her car on black ice, skid into oncoming traffic and experienced a head on collision. End of story or beginning. It’s the way I look at it.

I held a laser-like focus over the next 48 hours. Hind-sight grants me a perspective and my connections with spirit grant me understanding. I was devastated, of course, as the ICU worked at saving her life. The doctor stood before me trying to understand why things weren’t working as they were doing everything. I was surrounded by my family and dear friends, everyone holding on to each other.

When I was told she was trending downward, I had to make a choice about the life support system that was keeping her alive. I didn’t know what to do. I turned to the chapel.

I needed an escort in my incoherence. Once in the chapel, I ask to be left alone and I would let them know when I was done. I sat there dumbfounded wondering “now what?” With a breath I relaxed and started seeing images. I was standing on a hillside looking down into a valley. It was a cluster of buildings nestled among trees. “What is this?” I asked. It’s a farm. This is where she’s going. A goat farm filled with life and love. I started looking at each building seeing the farmhouse, the outbuildings, barns, pastures, greenery and the sheer abundance of beauty.

She loved goat farming. She loved the outside. She loved being one with the animals, looking into their eyes, feeding and grooming them and letting them know they are loved. I lost myself for a moment in the experience.

Then I asked, “When do I make this decision?” The answer wasn’t so clear but it felt like a couple hours. It was approximately 3:30am at that point. I put the information together and breathed in my acceptance. What else can I do? Life was in action. I felt comfort seeing the images and I believed she was heading towards a new beginning. It was time. I’ve come to understand from this vivid experience that every soul is offered exit points in their human lifetime.

“An Exit Point is a moment given to the soul/spirit to choose. That moment of choice can look like a near-miss accident or a serious health issue. It could be one of those experiences that leave us feeling like we are very lucky to be alive. Ever had one of those? More like, how MANY of those have you experienced?
Those Exit Points have a powerful spiritual significance. Often our destiny has been fulfilled (at least as far as the soul/spirit is concerned) or we have achieved some measure of success or acceptance, or we have been stuck in a pattern from which we are ready to be released. If the soul chooses to remain in this life-line/time-line, then it experiences a “Living Reincarnation” wherein it accepts a new destiny or a new focus for life.” - Excerpted from The Divine Fellowship blog by Janice Lynch

Understanding my spouse chose an exit point helps me accept the trauma of that day 15 years ago. Exit points help me understand sudden illnesses and accidents that take away loved ones. It helps me understand there is a greater force at work beyond my ego trying to figure out why and who is to blame. Understanding exit points helps me find peace for allowing change to happen.

If I chose to follow fear, I would not have experienced her visitation. It was January 14th, 2006 and I was exhausted and stunned. I laid on our bed on my back just trying to get a handle on what happened. Before I knew it, I was overcome with love, sweeping from my head to my feet, a sparkling sensation that tingled like a calm, warm wind. As this presence moved from my head to my feet, I realized it was her, loving me, honoring me and thanking me for being part of her life. Then veered to the right and went out the window.

If I chose fear, I would not be open to learning about exit points and living reincarnation. I would be bound tight in fearful images and fearful thoughts limiting my living, and surrounding me with people and experiences that support my fear.

We are living in a time where laser-like focus is demanded. Circumstances are changing every day. Our breath is our focus. We can’t predict any future. We can predict our presence, trust our ability to be in the moment and let go of trying to figure out what, when, why, where and how. Our souls hold great wisdom beyond our understanding, and we are guided by them. Breathe a sigh into knowing you are not alone.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I really appreciate your reading this morning. It makes me think I just passed an exit point about two months ago. I found myself hanging from a tree limb about 40 feet above the ground and I wasn’t sure I could get myself back onto the limb. Clearly, I did. It felt to me that I had one chance to get my legs up, and I told myself I could do it, I wanted to do it. It fits with where I am in life, a certain measure of success, acceptance and satisfaction. But now I feel I am ready for something else. A couple of months earlier, I started taking things to the next level for my business and I’ve been working hard with a life coach. A lot of changes. Thank you for bringing my awareness to that for what it was.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your on-going journey and experiences with us. I had a beautiful revelation during the meditation. I love how you said it’s the end of the story or the beginning. It’s so true, those pivotable moments in our lives. Our bodies have a memory when the planets realign around the solar system. My spouse was diagnosed with a cancer before we got married and he lived five years longer than expected. Towards the end, he suffered and was in a spiritual battle because he didn’t want to go. He was afraid. I loved your reminder that we are bathed in love, here, there. He was in so much pain in the last ten days. I watched his spiritual struggle and I could see his spirit above him. After he passed, people would see him though I couldn’t because I felt such a void. I met with a shaman friend and we sat in a sweat lodge. She said that my intense grief enabled my spouse to go very far very fast. I think of that when you speak of people’s passing. She said I’d see him in a small being. I thought she meant a new baby, but it was flies that started landing on me. They still do, all sizes. During today’s meditation, I made the connection between flying far and fast, and the flies that land on me. Every time now, it’s a reminder to me that we are bathed in this love and our spirits can fly if we allow them.

  • Thank you so much for writing about this. I love this feeling about exit points. Your writing elevates moments. It’s so easy to be caught in life with the mundane and the worries and the problems that have to be solved. Your writing today reminds me that there is a whole other level to be aware of and thinking about. This week’s unrest talks about the political system we live within. That’s another level. Your writing is reminding me to rise about all the fear at all the levels. To stay connected to my own higher spirit is what is really important. Thank you for that reminder.

  • It’s the bifocal vision (see Jan 8 blog)

  • Thank you so much. I want to acknowledge how important it is for me to have this reality acknowledged. The synchronicity around this particular reading is unbelievable. Like five things have happened this morning that relate to it. The one time that was so clear I was literally dying, I was being pulled out of my body. I was with my son who was three days old. I pulled myself back in because I didn’t want to leave him. I went on a year-long vision quest after that and it was a shift to my energy. That son called me last night to tell me to listen to a song entitled “Until We Meet Again”. Thank you.

  • This is the first time that this has come up. Your reading made me think. I lost a son as a baby. During the meditation, it occurred to me he would be a grown man now. I envisioned him as an adult, as this strong, handsome, gentle presence. He was just there. I’ve never had that happen before. It was the first time.

  • I encourage you to believe that he was there supporting you, saying hi. It sounds like a visceral experience you felt with your whole body.

  • Thank you for spending time, allowing me to share my words, experience, and love with you as you listen to them and feel them, and let them take you where it’s meant to take you. Thank you for your presence and your caring and your trust. The sheer vulnerability that each of you have when you take the time to speak; however difficult or easy it is, it is profound. I wish you all a gentle day.

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