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Every Season is a Time for Angels

On this Christmas Eve, I’m thinking about wise ones, my teachers, my angels, my guides and other beings in my life that help me in my human journey learning my soul lessons. I’m thinking about my old friends and new friends and yet unmet friends. I’m thinking about family members, both present in body and past from their body. I’m thinking about encounters that are etched into my heart both good and bad, both have given me pause and meaning.

Angels come in many forms. Often an angel has come and gone before my human mind realizes the meaning of the encounter. I’ve learned to pay attention to mundane moments. Otherwise, I miss my heart’s message when I’m preoccupied by worries.

An angel can assist in the simplest of ways. Most often cloaked in subtlety, tenderness and light. When confronted with difficulty, I pine for the simple things like birds on the feeder and a warm cup of tea. Even an annoying ticking clock can trigger a feeling of safety when my world is upended.

I practice calling my angels. Too many tears I ask for comfort. Too stressed to breathe I ask for support. Too tight on time I ask for help. Too fearful for words I ask for guidance. Too overcome with joy I express gratitude. Too moved for words I breathe love. Every season is a time for angels.

Calling in angels. Calling on angels. Calling angels.

Due to copyright laws, I can’t legally post the full lyrics to this meaningful song Calling all Angels by Jane Siberry on this blog. I love this song because I have an Earth Angel I met on January 6, 2006. My life changed that day because my spouse was killed in a car accident. This Angel was driving on the opposite side of the road and my spouse skidded on black ice. He was in the oncoming car and survived. My spouse did not. He befriended me days later at a time in need and I initially didn’t cooperate. I was scared. His intentions were to support me as he recovered from his injuries. We became friends to this day (for more on this story, see blog Dec 10). He gifted me with a CD that contained the song “Calling All Angels.” Together we went to Jane Siberry’s concert in Northampton, MA and enjoyed her music. It was a surreal and incredible experience.

The weight of life is so heavy at times. This music soothed me with its poignant lyrics and moving music. I was calling in angels to support me and Siberry’s words expressed the deep pain in my heart. We all have times of heavy hearts. Other times we have light joyous hearts. Angels are a part of our existence.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you. That was what I needed to hear today. I was interviewed yesterday about my life during the 1960s. It brought me to a place of remembering all the pain. I was really sad. You reminded me there was a lot of joy also. I fell in love and it took me on a path I didn’t expect. It was a joyous thing. I loved the song and your writings. My heart is full today. Thank you.

  • I’m always talking about the pain I have. I know it’s okay to do that, it’s what our group is for, to say what is in our hearts. When anyone speaks about their pain or hurt, I’m with you. If everyone could keep us in mind, I’d be grateful. I’m concerned about the extreme weather being anticipated. I’m afraid we might lose electricity and my family member is very fragile. I’d be afraid to take him anywhere. I’ve been anxious and fearful and worried about losing my strength. Thank you for what you wrote and sharing the song about calling all angels. It was very apt today. I have a mug that is cracked that I held during the meditation. It reminds me of the woman who was my mother. I prayed to her, and I called for angels to help us get through this. Thank you.

  • May it be your mantra today that you keep calling in the angels and asking for help and praying for guidance.

  • I liked the idea that angels don’t come with the hallelujah chorus. They come in small daily moments of support and shared wisdom and joy. They’re like pieces of a beautiful mosaic.

  • I have a phrase from a song. I love the concept of angels watching over us, like the Girl Scout song All night, all day, angels watching over me. Singing brings such joy.

  • I’ve been thinking about suffering and happiness for the last few days. It got sparked from a Korean series I was watching on Netflix. Many of these shows are fairy tale like. This one My Mister was very deep. At the end, the two people say goodbye and promise ‘let’s be happy.’ Their hearts are breaking but they decided to be happy. I expected it to end there and they’ll go off and be happy. But there is another hour where you see them struggling. It doesn’t just happen. There are scenes of him sobbing in pain. But then there’s a gradual change because they have chosen to change, chosen to not stay in the suffering, in the deep noble effort of suffering. It seems to me that I am giving up something when I am happy. This movie broke something up for me. It’s not easy to be happy, it’s not a snap of the fingers. I want to choose to go past the suffering and not hold on to that. That was big for me. Not sure how to do it, but I’ve chosen to do it.

  • And you are aware of it. And it assimilates itself as you go about your days. It reminds me when I came to terms with my daughter’s illness. I felt that my suffering and pain represented the depth of my love. And as I suffered with that, I separated out my suffering from my love for her. And I could love her just as much without all this painful suffering I did about it. It’s a gradual process. It’s a hard thing to do, to separate out. I hear what you are saying.

  • The wisdom of reflections, we all have our experiences. Even one word or expression, it all has such wisdom in it. We learn from each other.

  • I was thinking about how many hidden angels there are. There are so many times wonderful things happen and you think who or what is behind that. I was thinking about all the joy I got for a week of being a Christmas angel where I got gifts for a family. If you move into being an angel, there is so much joy in that. I see angels among us here. I’d like to have a twenty-sided block with all of our faces on it.

  • Thank you for joining us, thank you for being part of this meditation with your presence, your hearing, your eyes, your hearts. Thank you for sharing, thank you for being vulnerable. It’s all part of life. I wish you a gentle day.

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