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Emotion is Vibration

Experiencing a Solstice service last night on Zoom was a treat. It may have been my first experience honoring this auspicious transition. What this 2020 solstice represents is bigger than my human brain can understand. I feel the heat of my feet on the fire of change. The whole experience left me with a list of people I let go of, the painful circumstances connected these people represent, and hopefully the emotions tied with them. It is my intention to release the regrets and unfulfilled wishes to find resolution by turning them over to the Universe.

The music provided during the service by Sorellanza was transcendent. The healing sounds brought me to a cascade of emotions I could feel moving through my body. I was bathed in the healing qualities of musical melodies and harmonies using sound waves. I didn’t know such a thing was possible until I experienced it with my own eyes back in 2008.

I attended the Third Annual Conference of the Sound Healing Network held at Rowe Center, Rowe Massachusetts in November of that year. Facilitated by sound healing practitioners, I witnessed a demonstration of cymatics. The science of Cymatics vividly demonstrates how inert substances can be "brought to life" when stimulated by audible sound frequencies.

I witnessed a pile of sand convert into a beautiful geometric pattern using vibration. I’ve seen liquid rhythmically vibrate into a beautiful kaleidoscope shape. It’s an amazing experience to watch vibration in action.

Sound healing transforms. The next time you immerse yourself in music that inspires and expands your energy, know there’s a concert of beautiful harmonies forming all over your body. Healing harmony. Extend the healing further by using your imagination and welcome in wholeness. What better way to welcome in solstice than with the sound of harmony in our Universe.

And... An Ode to Cymatics

By Jeff Volk

Before there were eyes to see when a vast darkness still permeated the void, All rested beneath a firmament of Sound.

I stare into the primal pool breath ripples the water and light appears –as if from within– a raiment of pastel profusion barely the faintest hint of definition.

I open myself and eyes appear –as if from within– so that I might see myself apart from the landscape, a part of the landscape– my original face peering out of the darkness, peering into the void.

Without fear; without pain; no sharp edges; no hard places; no borders. Nothing to recoil from no need for protection no need for rejection– no separation.

I raise my voice and Behold! I Create my own personal playground, a universe of figure, form and motion arising from my impetuous imagination.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you. Over the past month, I have been obsessed with a song The Gathering of Spirits by Carrie Newcomer. I can’t hear it enough. Over the last couple of days, it’s been even more, playing it over and over. This morning, I sent it to my kids. It’s partly a love song to my deceased spouse and partly a Covid song that brings me hope. It’s brought me a lot of love and hope.

  • During the conference I was at, the practitioners had a sound healing concert. Each had an instrument. The music was designed to evoke emotion. I didn’t quite understand it at first. But while I listened, I felt a pull in my solar plexus and then I felt like crying and then happy. It was all manipulated by sound, it was incredible. It’s amazing, the power of sound.

  • I experienced a sound bath by people who sing to people who are ill and dying. You lay down on a hospital bed and they surround you. It’s harmony, maybe five people around you. The sound is coming from all sides. It’s incredibly soothing and maybe healing. Similar to hospice singing.

  • I was at a delivery once at a high-risk unit. Many of us gathered around the bed and as the baby was delivered, they sang ‘happy birthday’ acapella. What a way to come into the world, with all that love. It blew me away.

  • I used to be a hospice singer. I had a dear friend in her 80s. She had to have a test where electrodes were attached to her head while she lays there. She was full of anxiety. I went with her and sang to her as she had the test. And she fell asleep. It’s an amazing experience for the person receiving and also for the person giving.

  • I once met up with some friends in the Southwest. We were all very excited to get together. We met at an American Indian store and there was music playing in the background, a tape by Carlos Nikai. We were at a high level of excitement. We were walking around. About fifteen minutes later, I noticed a real change in me. I had settled down, I was calm. It was striking. I attributed it to the music. I bought a lot of his tapes.

  • Thank you. I remember when my father died. We played a song “Fairy Ring by Mike Rowland”. It was wonderful. I know when I play some music like that, it uplifts my spirit.

  • At a solstice ceremony last night, they read an Irish prayer “Long Time Sun Shine Upon You.” That is sung by Snatam Kaur touched me deeply.

  • During the meditation, an experience came to me. I was giving birth to my fourth child. They had to do an extreme emergency C-section very quickly. They had to put me under completely, but I wanted to know if she was okay and so I held on to part of my consciousness. What I held onto was sound. I could feel it a little bit, but I could hear her being birthed from inside my body. And I could hear conversation in the room that she was okay and she was a girl. Then I allowed myself to go deep. It was the sound that stayed with me.

  • I went to a sound healing workshop and observed all these sound healers moving to the music and vocalizing and working on people. I observed Shirley channeling a Native American woman as she sang and moved with her long hair.

  • We all have access to music that moves us. It doesn’t have to be a certain piece of music. If it moves us, if it gives us tingling and joy and comfort, it is creating harmony in our body and I believe that is healing. I hope you have a sound healing day. Be gentle with yourselves.

Photo credit: Photograph – Feeling is Vibration by Gregg Braden

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