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Earth’s Ascension

I have one thing on my mind this morning and it’s a picture I can’t find. Sometime within the last 20 years I owned a print by Susan Seddon Boulet of a beautiful blue goddess who was looking me straight in the eye. I’m drawn to that image now and it is lost to me.

As a practicing sound healer, I participated in a healing ceremony in Connecticut almost 15 years ago. A group of healers and musicians gathered to welcome friends and acquaintances to lie down on the mats in the middle of a room and experience healing through sound and energy. I was in charge of percussion. My wife was with me, my driver and observer.

I don’t remember much of the evening except for one experience. I met a Goddess while in trance that stood in front of me, communicated telepathically with me and gifted me with her presence. I still don’t know who she was or remember what I heard. I do know she was surrounded by water, was adorned from head to toe with teal blue green colors and she impacted me deeply. I remember before she appeared to me, I was sounding words of another language. I had a glimpse of myself as I chanted, drummed and circled the healers in the room.

This experience was my first understanding that I am a trance channeler. I am an embodied psychic medium and my instrument is my body. I don’t say this to make me sound special. I reveal this because our bodies are more than just functioning machines that we use to live our human lives. Our bodies are so much more.

We are antennas of a sort picking up information from the inside and outside, but our awareness is limited to what we know. Our perception is based on our awareness. I believe every human on this earth has the potential to connect to wisdom beyond this dimension and we are moving towards that development as we change and evolve in these transcending times.

With Earth’s ascension in progress, evolution is happening at an accelerated rate, much like the whirlpool I used to make in my childhood pool, and the waters are tumultuous. The energies we live in are like rapids churning up the old wounds that reside at the bottom, raising up the hidden underbelly of humanity and exposing everything to healing light.

Fear is a human condition that exists in our three-dimensional world. Fear is used to control and subdue. The element of Love is far greater than fear.

So I invite you to imagine for a moment the possibility that your body is a vessel your soul inhabits while on this life journey. You are open to experiences that invite you to grow intellectually and spiritually. You live your life with inner and outer vision, inner and outer hearing, inner and outer emotions as you expand your awareness and experience your perception.

I hold a keen awareness to the energy world and all its possibilities and I fall into fear. Being human means, I feel fear. Grounding my energy comforts my spirit as I merge with the Power of Mother Earth. Our Earth is a collective vessel supporting life of every sentient being. Her wisdom has sustained life. We exist within her energy and she is asking us to wake up our souls and rise to our potential. She is demanding our attention as she weathers the inner and outer storms. Set your intention and you’re on your way.

Comes a tiny breeze that shakes a leaf It glides to the ground to the Mother Where it is caressed then changed to become the Earth again.

Comes a tiny breeze that carries the sound of a newborn babe. The babe thrives with the Mother for 70 years. Then one day goes to sleep caressed by the Mother. Where the body again becomes part of the Earth

Oh, we humans will pray to some god in the sky, but our Mother is our Creator That tiny breeze or a hurricane that makes everything fly. Is of this Earth.

Yes, the moon and the sun gives us night and day.

Yet without Mother Earth we are just dust in space

Never to stay in one place.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • The blue goddess is the voice of the female rising. Thinking that is what is happening now.

  • I was in the room when that happened. I observed you moving with movements and gestures in ways you don’t move so I knew you were channeling someone else. I watched the other sound healers as well. I am a scientist and I am entrenched in western science, and I believe in experimentation and cause and effect. At the same time, I know there is so much more than what western science knows. Look at how much has been learned in the last 50 years. We can’t even imagine what will be proved in the next 50 years. It just means that there’s so much unknown that is real, we just don’t have access to it yet. It’s an incredible place to be, to be open to all this. So that even if I can’t prove it, I can believe it. I am grateful to be able to accept that and be open to that. Thank you.

  • I’ve long known that people have abilities that are more than most of us can see. I’ve long wanted to tap into that and it’s been elusive. As recently as the wee hours of this morning, my little toaster oven was shining 11:11 at me. I’ve heard that’s a portal invitation. I opened and paused for a message but did not receive anything. In listening to your reflection this morning, I was gifted with a memory. Someone I know is a shaman by some thousands-of-years-old umbrella. I was visiting him at his home where his trees are his children. I got tired of standing so I sat down. I have a knee that has troubled me for years. When it was time to get up, I expected to have to struggle, but suddenly I was standing. I looked at him and remarked that it was like Mother Earth helped me stand up. He agreed it was. It’s so often that Mother Earth is the avenue that we know our deepest selves.

  • Thank you for sharing that story. I do know that often times, when we ask for messages, there is an expectation that they will come in the form of words into our ears. It’s helpful to open up to the idea that messages come in all forms. Just having the awareness of the numbers, like 11:11 and 3:33, to me, that’s saying there are angels present and I feel it.

  • That’s new information to me today. I am often attracted to those types of numbers. Now I know what it is. I will pay attention and say welcome.

  • I think I’ve experienced things and was unaware of what it was. I heard you speaking of love transcending. My old cat is having a rough time and he likes to lie down in the small shower stall. I took a shower and he looked forlornly at the stall. I cleaned it all up and put his bed back and helped him be comfortable. To make another being more comfortable is transcending for me because I know I helped him.

  • Thank you. Thank you for listening to my words, for spending time with yourself, for honoring yourself today. I know so much happens within our space and I know each of our experiences is greater than our brains can conceive. We continue in discovering these gifts and realize we are not alone. I hope you have a gentle day. Enjoy the light.

Photo credit: Spirit Bear, Susan Seddon Boulet

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