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Death is Humanity’s Word for Transition

We are living in rich times. This statement doesn’t make sense as we are living in the pandemic. I’m talking about the world of energy.

It is frustrating to find words to express my experience in this world of energy because as a spiritual being in a human body, I’m sharing something intangible to the tangible thinking world.

I wasn’t just playing with words when I mentioned incubator the other day. This community helps me grow into my life purpose, much like growing in an incubator. My role has not yet been fulfilled. I am a bridge between worlds and because I live between the two, I am in a position to share from two sides.

I ask you to stretch your imagination for the next few moments and abandon your ideas of reality. In my world of sleep, that in-between space is when this other world comes alive for me. I’ve had glimpses of it over time and it’s getting stronger. People look like people there. It’s quite crowded. I converse with others authentically, much like our reflections in this group. People I’ve met are authentic, heart-centered with merged egos and always learning. I am in an altered state to perceive these things, and when my mind becomes more aware, I lose the connection. The other side waits patiently for my next visit. Both sides work together.

I believe this is the dimension of our true reality, a reality that is beyond the physical world on this earth. The veil is thinning and humanity is becoming more aware of its existence. A reality that we are all familiar with subconsciously because we exist in it in our sleeping state.

I want to boldly share this is where we go when we die leaving our human body behind. This is the place we slip into. A place where we are welcomed by loved ones whether they are ancestors or guides or however they are defined in your thinking mind. Once we leave this human body, having shed our physical costume, we step into a world beyond human understanding.

As I practice my presence in this incubator we call meditation, I feel I’m getting closer and closer to this threshold understanding more. I stand at the threshold and will be speaking more about this as time passes.

So, imagine if you will that death is just a process of transitioning out of one form into another through a unique passage defined by our soul. Collective humanity has believed in fear and trepidation over centuries, passing it down from generation to generation. Fear is the product of the ego mind losing control. Death is humanity’s word for the transition of the physical body into the energy world. Ego exists in the three-dimensional world. In the world beyond, the world of energy, we witness humans experiencing life lessons as they acquire alignment with their wisdom and their true nature.

So I leave you with two thoughts. As you live day to day in this death-phobic world, allow yourself a moment to ponder the idea that death is nothing like you’ve learned, but is simply a change of limited form you are so accustomed with from your physical birth, into a more permanent form of existence. Fear is a human-made emotion that does not exist beyond the human dimension.

The second thought is to consider what you have to lose in pondering the existence of this dimension. What you lose is the grip of fear. What you gain is the awareness that you’re a spiritual being in a human body, learning lessons from every experience in life to enhance your soul. Who you are in your life is more than your tangible physical body. What you gain is knowledge there is more to this world you live in than what you see with physical eyes, hear with physical ears and perceive through your physical bodies.

Welcome to this world. Breathe in and allow yourself to know all is well. The wisdom of our hearts carry us through no matter what happens to our physical body. The wisdom within each of us guides us to our highest and best good. The love we share with each other is elemental to our existence. The authenticity we feel is true reality. Humanity is collectively working through grips of fear as one by one they break open and wisdom emerges through pain and struggle. Know this for yourself. Know this for your loved ones. Know this for strangers on the street.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I have never really feared death. I fear pain but not death. I’ve often thought of it as—I’ve experienced a lot and I am ready to go if it’s time to go. I’d like to see my children doing things with their lives, grandchildren. And your talk made me think about life like a visit to Disneyland. There are wonderful things to explore, it’s extremely exciting. And there’s that one more thing you can go see, but in the end, you are going to go home, and that’s a wonderful thing to do too. I like the image that life is Disneyland and you can’t see everything and, in the end, you go home.

  • We took our children to Disneyworld when they were little and I didn’t want to go but they were getting older. Afterwards, my spouse was interviewing us all on camera about what we thought of the trip. What I said was I hope that, when I die, I feel the same way as I do leaving Disneyworld. I’m glad I did it, it was fine, but I’m ready to go. Your writing reminds me of that time.

  • I’ve been thinking about the reading today and how it relates to when you spoke about our essence. I’ve been holding onto that as I go through my days. Looking at people, having conversations, and witnessing and feeling the essence of the person. I was thinking about it yesterday. I feel that in this group, I don’t really know you all, but I feel like I know the essence of you all. To me, that’s the part that doesn’t die but continues on. I feel like I know this group, it feels like a holy space to me. I love the idea of just feeling the essence of all of you without knowing you in the sense of going about in the world knowing people. I’m grateful for that. The essence lives on. It keeps me going and reduces my fear of thinking of dying.

  • Thank you. Before you went into the place of essence, you talked about the merged ego. I love thinking of the ego as merging into the essence because we do need our egos. They help us get things done. If we are going to live in this world, part of it is having an ego. We tend to villainize our egos, and yet merging them seems like such a soft, gentle way of treating your ego.

  • Well-said. I completely agree. I think it’s an old paradigm that we have to get rid of our egos. We do need our egos. When they merge, we have the wisdom of our egos merging with our hearts. To me, that’s the new world. The movie Soul is an animated movie about all of this. So worth seeing.

  • Thank you. The talk you started encompasses my days these days. Living in and questioning life and death. I just had an aha moment, you know, when you hear something and it swooshes around you, telling you to pay attention. The relationship that I have built in this circle, never having met or seen you in person, not really understanding how Zoom works. But I show up, I have expectations that are met, I can count on things. I can know your essence. Why in the world ever question across the veil? I don’t know them. I don’t know how I know them. I talk with them. I feel them. Why is it different that I would ever question what I know to be true? If I can use this as a model—I don’t know how this works. And if I got dropped into the circle without the benefit of knowing what Zoom is, this is just another piece of it. I feel you when I’m here. And I feel them when I choose to open and connect to the other side. I don’t really have to know.

  • My coming to a non-belief was because an image of heaven was imposed upon me. And when I began to question and reject that image, I made a decision to accept the possibility that I was a spirit in a human body. The shifting of that acceptance moves me on to the possibility of us, of the not-knowing. Which opens up a lot of curious stuff. It’s fun and invigorating and freeing.

  • Listening to the reading and the shares is powerful. I wonder if in this rich time, as you say with our energy changing now, we are being invited to live with the energy from the other side in which we begin to treat each other for the core essence of who we are. I’m not sure with this pandemic and Mr. Floyd’s death, maybe we are being called to live from that egoless place in the essence-to-essence of each other. And each of us is being prepared to honor the higher spirit knowing that we really are one. We get messages about that all the time from that other dimension. I just think we are redefining our place on this Earth and bringing heaven to Earth in this new essence.

  • Thank you all so much. I had this vision as you were all sharing—of this being the crossing of the veil, now. I was remembering how when people are dying and crossing over, often they will point somewhere. And you know they are seeing across the veil, seeing their family members and other beings. The veil isn’t there anymore. I had this feeling, when I was looking at all of you, that I was looking across the veil. I hope some of you will be there welcoming me when I cross the veil. This is a way of practicing that moment so that when it happens, it’s not scary.

  • This is a practice for living too. Stephen Jenkinson teaches in Die Wise that coming to terms with this subject helps me live a fuller life. To know there’s more beyond the suffering and the joy. It’s a profound thought and a different way of existing because the old paradigm teaches us to fear fear and to hold onto things we think are perfect. And neither of those things are true.

  • I want to echo how special this space is. Every once in a while, I’ll see one or another of you out there in the real world and it’s different. We’re in our human bodies doing our human thing. But here there’s something so special and it is about the essence of who we are, and a way to connect and share. I am very grateful. Thank you.

  • I am struck with the counter idea of how privileged we are to be exploring in this way. I feel that a lot of the rest of the world doesn’t have that privilege and space. I don’t know what to make of that.

  • It’s the wonder of your choice to follow your guidance and your alignment, and choose to do something that is bringing you into more learning.

  • I think many other people don’t have that freedom or support to do that. They are too busy surviving.

  • That is the path that their lives are on a trajectory for. And it doesn’t mean that they don’t find it in different ways. Because there’s more than one way to understand this world and all of its dimensions. I pose that question to myself with those who are unbearably suffering or watching other people suffer as I experienced for so long. The trueness of my daughter’s existence is in her essence beyond all the suffering she experienced. And her suffering—if I get beyond the human pain of it—taught me so much. If she had not suffered in my life, maybe I wouldn’t be who I am today because I wouldn’t have experienced her suffering. And maybe that’s why she came into my life, to suffer. She dedicated her life to helping me learn so that I can be here in front of you speaking to you. I have no idea because it’s beyond my human mind to figure out. And it doesn’t mean we can’t hold the idea of these worlds existing together even though others can’t right now. And it’s only our fear that we’re thinking that they can’t. Because they may have beliefs that help them cope in their suffering.

  • I encourage you to ask questions. I sit in meditation and open up to wisdom. I get answers that surprise me at times. Writing this today was like, you’ve got to be kidding me, because it’s what I’m afraid of saying. Because I believe that I am going to suffer by expressing it. It’s hard to share this stuff. But the wisdom isn’t coming from just me, it’s coming from the other side. And I think the more we talk about it, the more we can embrace and live more fully and less in fear.

  • Thank you for what you said. I always appreciate when you speak. I hope you hear that. I definitely believe the veil. For just a second, I saw you bridging between the two, like all of us here, the other side, right through the veil. I’ve been thinking for the last few months that we will see the people we’ve loved and known, dogs, cats, horses. I just hope that all the animals who have suffered on this earth are released, happy and enjoying themselves.

  • Thank you for honoring me with your presence and time as a spiritual being in your human body. This is truly a journey for all of us. So I use my breath to stabilize myself and I encourage you to do the same as you go on about your day pondering the thoughts and feelings and reflections we have shared in this community. It is incredibly rich. I hope you all have a gentle day.

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