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Common Thread Angel

I met an angel the other day who is devoting herself to passing a message on that’s themed as a common thread in her existence. She lived a life as a nurse through a pandemic worse than what we’ve experienced, and had these words to say:

“I know the pain of watching loved ones deny their own needs and values all in the name of supporting another. Be proud of your differences and stand strong in them, for these values define your needs and your needs fulfill your heart.
It’s inevitable we cannot fulfill the needs of our loved ones as it is their task to do so and always will be. Standing strong in one’s values may go against the grain of other’s expectations. It takes courage to hold to your values.
Feeling the emotion is better than shutting the door to your own heart. You deserve more. When we ignore our values to take care of another, we are abandoning ourselves, our body, our mind, our spirit. Be gentle in your practice of coming back to yourself. Take time to listen for your truth.
What’s the common thread that stirs your soul? Is it kindness or acceptance, justice or love? Let it be your best friend. Understand your value and covet its existence and feel its deep meaning in your life.
You may find more than one. Ultimately it all comes down to love of yourself, your heart and others Just like you.”

Today’s Keepers of the Light oracle card is Serapis Bey – “Move into your true self. Rise above the darkness – the light is here.” Kyle Gray's interpretation is:

“The stars cannot shine without darkness. You may have experienced a low state of being, trauma or depression, but this is a new beginning. Become aware of growth. There is always room for improvement. There’s also a sense of presentation now. You may be receiving documentation or certification to acknowledge your growth or experience. It’s important to cherish this time and to realize that without the challenges or obstacles you have faced, you wouldn’t be as strong, powerful or focused as you are today. You are ascending personally and spiritually at this time and the universe is here to support it.” – Kyle Gray

Participants’ Reflections:

  • What I heard was “cherish this time”, which I do, in this morning group, in community. Standing strong in my values. Today I focus on love. Treating love as my best friend. Standing in love. Thank you, good to remember.

  • I heard the line “stars cannot shine without darkness”. It reminded me that difficult times are needed in order to have other times shine. I held a crystal to center myself during the meditation this morning and it helped.

  • My client is moving to a long-term facility and it makes me sad. I am focusing on caring for self and taking some time off. I need to focus on self-care. During the meditation, I experienced a ball of light and energies swirling around it. It was lovely. I felt like I was being cared for.

  • During the meditation, I kept hearing the song by Holly Near “I am Willing.” It’s about lifting up to the light of change. We were there for a singer who got cancer. It all comes down to love.

  • I heard the words about a “common thread that stirs your soul”. It reminded me of kindness, and attentiveness came to me. As a child, I felt dismissed. Being attentive to myself is to practice self-care. When I am not attentive that’s when doubts and fears start creeping in.

  • This idea of a common thread angel reminds me of angels like Marian Williamson and Dr. Susan Jeffers. Their work encompasses the threads of love and overcoming fear.

  • I woke up today and took a mental health day. When I don’t do self-care, I get angry and snappy. I’m taking the day off, water plants, rest. In my work, I’m always giving to people with complex needs. I need to do self-care. Making time for me. Been too busy

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