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Blood Moon

Last night while occupied with a TV movie, the odor of stale beer burst into my senses. I grimaced and voiced its release. As Matt Kahn says, “Feel it and heal it. Hear it and clear it.”

My first impulse was to dismiss the experience or blame it on something else. Knowing the subtlety of energy though, I believe something released. I have felt off, uneasy, out of balance lately. I consulted with a mediumship mentor and sure enough I am navigating through rough waters as I move through my uneasiness, sorting out deep fears while trusting my inner wisdom and redefining solid ground within. This is not a fun place to be, and it is a journey with a beginning, middle and end.

It’s my job to stay open minded, and believe in the process of releasing, and I’ll continue to clear my energy. As soon as I start blaming or denying or ignoring, the process stalls. My belief keeps me clearing.

My vessel, my body, not only holds mental memories of past experiences, it holds emotional, and cellular experiences as well. As I continue to clear my field, I clear what no longer serves me. I think small when I focus on past hurts and traumas, self-judgments and distorted thinking born out of past pain. I make the choice to let it all go, no matter how wrong it was, because I’m held back by and I deserve to be free. I’m worth the effort.

It’s no big surprise we face the 2021 Full Blood Moon lunar eclipse today. Taken from, “When a blood moon, aka total lunar eclipse, takes place, it may feel like a chapter is coming to an end. A lunar eclipse has the power to evoke significant shifts, and sometimes, they can feel as though they're arriving completely out of nowhere. That's because an eclipse essentially speeds you up toward your ultimate destiny. However, in order for you to come to terms with your fate, you must be willing to part ways with whatever was standing in the way of you and your higher purpose.”

Life has accelerated and we have already lived through major changes. We are survivors. As humans we are adaptable and flexible. You are not alone. You are a survivor in a collective consciousness and life’s lessons assist us as we open our hearts, our eyes and our minds to all possibilities. You are the key to releasing what you hold onto.

My goal today and every day is to remember my breath brings life into my body. My awareness is a key to inner compassion. My intention drives my experiences. My love graces everything with gentleness. I deserve nothing less.

The small woman

builds cages for everyone

she knows,

while the Sage,

who has to duck her head

when the moon is low,

keeps dropping keys all night long

for the




Participants' Reflections:

  • Thank you for the reading. I was taken by the blood moon. It is an easier time for shifts if we are ready for them to happen. As I was going into the meditation, many things started coming together that I’m beginning to realize. The latest one is the impact of someone’s words versus their intentions. I think about feeling unloved versus being unloved (see May 22 blog). I’m sure my mother loved me and the way I experienced that was feeling unloved. All of the feelings of unsettlement and unresolved grief that I’ve had trouble letting go of, I think it’s time to let it go. Enough things have come together that I need to realize I am more at peace with the grief of losing my mother. It’s taken five years. I think it was speeded up during Covid, and I’ve worked at it, and I think the shift is ready to happen.

  • Thank you so much. This is very powerful. I tried to see the lunar eclipse this morning but the moon was below the horizon. So I just imagined what I’ve seen in the past. I love this poem. It’s about the dichotomy: the woman caging people and the sage freeing them. It’s like the two voices inside me thinking small and big at the same time. Our brains can hold onto conflicting ideas and not be aware of it. It is with intention that we can become aware. It’s a good reminder to be aware of the part of me that cages me up and the one that frees me up at the same time. And love them both and accept them both. Just move forward with intention as I accept both of them in my life. Thank you.

  • That was huge. For me, more will come as I reread it. There are a lot of morsels in there. There was a lot of clarity. I have a storm inside me and all of the pieces that make me – the humanness, the spiritual, the past, the present. It feels like it’s coming out through the future. I have to drop a lot of the past and move forward. Not the small me anymore, but the me that is the oneness to move forward. I read an article by Joanna Macy about this great awakening that I found helpful.

  • Thank you. What came for me during the meditation was the full moon piece and the eclipse. I’ve been doing a lot of dream work. The eclipse of the moon is like a doorway into my dreams. It felt like a veil. My dreams are so real, it’s hard to distinguish sometimes. The veil is so thin. The work is so profound for me, so thank you.

  • Thank you so much for your reading today. It struck home for me as well. My mother died during Covid and energetically, I’m in between a space of letting go of the small me and trying to find out what that larger self is about and how I’m going to express that. And fear that comes up is a lot. I’m in between the cages and the keys. Sometimes I’m patient with myself and sometimes I’m not. Thank you for the piece about intentions because I’m asking myself what is my intention for the rest of my life because I feel like I got freed up on all levels. What do I do with that freedom now? Thank you for that. I’m processing the grief of my mom’s passing as well. It’s different than what I thought it would be.

  • Change brings fear of the unknown. I’m reminded that we’ve been living in uncertainty for well over a year with Covid, and we are doing it. I’m doing it. I can stand outside of the unknown and choose to focus on the fear or I can remind myself I’ve been managing and surviving through a period of uncertainty. It serves us to remember that as we deal with life not knowing what’s ahead. Being in the unknown. It takes a simple step from standing in not knowing and creating an intention of a next step and stepping into the uncertainty trusting alignment with it. Just that simple step, without anything else, can be so powerful. It may bring up fear because the mind doesn’t know what to do with the uncertainty. It’s just a matter of stepping forward. When we lace it with intention and add our belief system and add expectancy instead of expectation, it can become a powerful ritual just by taking a step. And we take steps every day.

  • This is what the 3rd step is in the Twelve Step Program. It’s an action step, and the only action is making a decision to step into the unknown.

  • Thank you. Thank you for joining me today. I invite you all to believe that you are worth the effort of stepping into the unknown because we all deserve a chance to rise. We all deserve an opportunity to put down our baggage. We give ourselves the opportunity. With gentleness and kindness, I wish you all a good day. Thank you.

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