Best moments

In my book of rules,

best moments were supposed to be

birthday parties and holidays,

family meals and first days of school.

The have-to’s, the should’s

Followed me around into adulthood

In my head, dragging on my shoulders

And tied around my ankles.

I never knew there was an individuation rule

To become my own person with my own

Likes and dislikes, boundaries and borders

defining my uniqueness.

I have been writing my own book of rules

Not my parents, not my teachers

Not my bosses or opiners.

My rules – my moments.

How would I know what I enjoy,

Unless I experience no joy?

How would I experience my truth,

If I hadn’t experienced untruths?

Early mornings when the birds are waking

And the sun has dawned is a best.

Late at night when I stand under the stars

I can hear the whispers of sleeping is a best.

Window open, cool air and covered is a best

Silence within and silence without is a best

Speaking truth and being heard is a best

Tasting food with a hungry stomach is a best.

Every child I have a moment with

I remind them of their uniqueness,

And it’s okay to be different and it’s

Okay to have an opinion – it’s okay.

I’m listening. I’m filling the air around

Me with the messages I want to hear

That helps me feel free and individual

And unique and special.

So many ways to define a best

And so easy to look for worst