Beloved Community

by Nancy Bragg

This meditation practice in beloved community,

differs starkly from my beginning meditation efforts by myself.

I would dutifully set a timer, and sit quietly,

my mind filling with mundane “to do” list items.

After I sat for what seemed like eons,

I picked up the timer, just to check, it had to be about time.

Whatever time was left, I told myself, “Close enough, I’m done.”

I checked “meditation” off my “to do” list.

When I practice in this beloved community,

a benevolent and nurturing soul times us.

I slow down and am more patient with my humanness.

I let myself relax and go much deeper than I ever did by myself.

I stay put, I don’t budge until we arrive on the other side of 15 minutes.

I am open and receptive.

I feel a sense of belonging in this beloved community,

I prioritize this time and work my schedule around it.

It’s become a comfortable habit that centers and grounds me.

I want to be here.

I am in community.

I feel blanketed and hugged by my supportive newly-found kin.

Former strangers show up and hold space for me.

Within this beloved community, I experience stillness and silence,

I feel safe closing my eyes and surrendering.

I meditate, listen, and speak in the spirit of love.

I am loved.

I sense our synergistic energy field as

it magnifies my state of calm and self-exploration.

My awareness, contentment, and inner peace