Believe Yourself Worthy

There’s a certain smell in the spring air when it rains. I sense new growth, new life emerging as the weather resets after a cold winter. It happens in autumn too. My nose finds the smell of fallen leaves and crisp air, apples and golden hues of color.

Today, in the early morning tender time when I’m standing at the window, the world is just waking up. This new world feels familiar yet very different. I am different. Awareness is piqued. Self-care is prevalent everywhere as each of us makes decisions to mask or not to mask, to gather or isolate, to sing, to play, to strive for the familiar. Life is changing.

A simple step beyond a doorstep can be a life-changing decision. Our hearts break open to more news, both tragic and miraculous. Babies continue to be born. Rites of passages crossed and the world goes on. The human spirit is resilient.

I sense a new smell and it is honesty. Covid is having its way with each of us helping us learn to be honest with ourselves over our wants and perceived needs. Covid is teaching us discernment and most of all compassion by breaking us open.

The breaking open reveals the doors to love and fear, the paradox of life. Both are always present because we are human and we are spirit. Our spirit holds love. Our humanness holds fear. We ebb and flow through life learning and growing. Gratitude strengthens our love. Kindness strengthens our resilience. Resistance manifests fear. The choice is ours to make.

Practicing self-care, bestowing ourselves with kindness, patience and gratitude begins a healing so the paradox becomes fluid and flows in and out like our breath. Believe yourself worthy of love. Express gratitude for its arriving and it will appear.

This Day We Say Grateful

A Sending Blessing

by Jan Richardson

It is a strange thing

to be so bound

and so released

all in the same moment,

to feel the heart

open wide

and wider still

even as it turns

to take its leave.

On this day,

let us say

this is simply the way

love moves

in its ceaseless spiraling,