Being Human in the Divine

The two worlds are growing closer. It’s in the energy we breathe. The great merging of the egoic mind and the Divine.

For over 350 days, I have blended with Divine energy.

For the last three days, I focused on being human.

I had to step back and discover again, the doorway between both worlds.

I’m all in, fully committed with the Divine.

The air is changing with Earth’s ascension.

I lost track of the doorway and couldn’t feel

the boundaries between both worlds.

I’m a spiritual being in a human body.

My human body functions as a bridge between

both human and spirit.

I honor both.

I live in balance.

I have human commitments.

I can’t be fully committed if I am half present.

I live in balance.

I have spiritual commitments.

I can’t be fully committed

if I am half present.

My practice discerning the doorway has helped me define my balance.

Life is about balance. Life is about honoring my truth. Life is about alignment with my truth in my Higher Power.

Follow Your Own Rhythm by Barbala

Remember every day to follow your own rhythm,

Be honest with yourself about that which you keep hidden.

Express your innate beauty in the way it feels most natural,

For it is your true beauty that is truly admirable.

Live a life that aligns with your true beliefs,