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Affirmations for Life

I am a member of this tribe on planet Earth.

I hold my head high and perceive life using the eyes in my heart and the ears in my mind.

I am one with the universe.

I am whole and complete as I am.

I listen with curiosity to my mind.

I hold intentions of truth and walk on mother earth in the light knowing every step I take is towards the greater good of my being.

I am of the One.

I trust in the perfection of the great mystery.

I cooperate with the weather of my mind knowing I am guided to my highest and best good.

I rise to obstacles I encounter with grace and ease, trusting I am the process from which I learn.

Just as trees shed leaves in the winter, I too shed the ideals that keep me bound.

I learn and listen to the wisdom of my losses.

I listen to my voice within and discern with clarity and ease.

I acknowledge the journey of my soul and trust the wisdom that guides me.

I choose to be in the now, alert in this changing world around me.

I am safe.

Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.

I trust every encounter leads me to greater wisdom of my soul.

I love myself.

I bow to and honor my body as the holy vessel it is, granting me this journey on mother earth.

This adventure called life is my school and I learn from every situation.

I know that I count and my actions demonstrate that I do.

I am open to the wisdom I seek.

I am patient with my learning remembering I have everything I need for next steps.

I accept my strong mind and trust the process of aligning my heart with my mind.

I prosper wherever I turn and I know that I deserve prosperity of all kinds.

I choose to make positive healthy choices for myself.

I am living in the house of my dreams.

I choose to be happy, healthy and successful.

As I inhale, I breathe in light. As I exhale, I breathe out light.

With the eyes of my heart I acknowledge the choices of other beings.

I release all guilt and shame I hold.

I am healing my inner hurts that stop me from loving myself and loving you.

I acknowledge I am doing the best I can.

I acknowledge others are doing the best they can.

I will find my way back to my heart if I choose to abandon my light.

I forgive others who abandon their light trusting they will find their way back to their heart.

My truth and courage are my strength.

My mind and heart walk together in this life.

I trust the emotional healing in my body has its own timeline.

I am proud of my individuality.

I am loveable and likeable.

I trust change and know it is a part of life on earth.

I trust myself and honor my choices for I learn from everything.

I am loved.

I am love.

Susan Jeffers on Affirmations:

“An affirmation is a strong, positive statement telling us that 'all is well,' despite what the negativity of the mind may be saying to us. With constant repetition of this uplifting and soothing statement, the voice of doom and gloom that roams through our mind is replaced with thoughts of peace, power and love. Yes … all is well.”
“I believe that one of the reasons that affirmations are so powerful is that, by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, we are actually moving ourselves from the weakest part of who we are (the Lower Self) to the most loving part of who we are (the Higher Self). I can’t think of a better place to be!”
“Another reason that affirmations are so powerful is that they are much more than meets the eye. While an affirmation is only one sentence in length, it has a very deep meaning. As I see it… An affirmation is an encapsulation of a whole wealth of life-affirming thoughts that remind us that we are inherently powerful and loving and there is nothing to fear.”

Here is a 25-page book from Susan Jeffers on affirmations

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Beautiful reading

  • Thank you so much. As you were reading the affirmations, I was thinking about how powerful they are. I remember using affirmations to reprogram my brain. That’s what it’s all about. I used to say very negative things about myself and I would also get hurt if someone didn’t hear me. All these things I felt negative about and hurt about. I started writing down positive things about myself over and over again. And when I didn’t feel heard, instead of feeling like a victim, I would stop and say to myself, “I heard you.” These positive things, if we just say them—at some level, they sound nonsensical—but some part of our brains are listening and changing. Our brains are fluid and dynamic and have plasticity. It is possible to get through the negativity. It takes time, because the brain won’t let go of what it knows, no matter how negative or destructive the behavior or belief. It’s got to be in control, so you have to fool it. I like the idea of fooling it with affirmations.

  • Thank you for the reading and affirmations. It’s becoming an important piece for me in trying to tether out where I’ve been as I come back from a place where I’ve felt constricted. I like the idea of fooling the brain. I’m in a 12-step program, and I’m recognizing that part of showing up every day and listening is to continue to hear the tools and retraining the brain. And getting out of the habit. I just realized that part of this journey for me—I ran away from home. I came here for a job that didn’t work out, and I said I’m not going home. I’m just taking time. And I recognize that part of that is retraining my brain and giving myself space to hear what I think and to agree or to work, take the responsibility to change how I’m thinking and where I’ve slipped in my habits. The affirmations can help. I put a tape on as soon as I woke up this morning. That’s one of Susan Jeffers’ suggestions to have affirmations everywhere. It was really nice to wake up with that to break the chatter that would normally start about rehashing yesterday or talking about what’s going to happen today. Thank you for the affirmations.

  • It’s so important to mention that early morning, waking up time is so rich and we are so open and vulnerable. So, yes, using positive affirmations that we can hear while waking up is a great tool.

  • Someone suggested to me to watch an old movie “Harold and Maude.” I recommend seeing it. It’s about the soul waking up. There is so much symbolism in it about the joy of being a parent. There are so many levels. I highly recommend it.

  • I’m working on affirmations too. As you were reading, I was thinking that sounds wonderful, to feel that way all the time. I know others have doubts and slips, and using affirmations is a way to pull back. It sounds so calming. Today, I feel anxious because of a task I have to do. During the meditation, I kept saying “I am calm.” If people can hold us in their thoughts and prayers.

  • The rules for affirmations are easy and doable. you can say them out loud, you can say them quietly, you can read them, you can write them. There’s no need to do anything but just use them in the positive and the present. Or even sing them. There’s a song by Jai Josephs I Love Myself the Way I Am. The whole song is an affirmation.

  • Thank you everyone for listening, bringing your heart to this space, bringing yourself to this space, honoring the silence. This is our 205th day! This meditation is an anchor. Thank you for joining me. Have an enjoyable day.

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