Abundant Silence

Updated: Jun 27

I find trust in my silence

I’m as surprised as anyone I found it there

Long before this practice I thought silence

Meant alone and forgotten

But with this newfound trust

I’m realizing a world is inside

In my silence

And I’m grateful.

Dreams of memories past

Visit me again

Where I’m in difficult situations

Laden with helplessness.

I always find myself in dreams

Like this when I’m on the cusp

Of change, feeling bigness before me

In an emptiness of waiting

The cusp holds the edge of anxiety

And the thin edge of Now

Where my comfort lies in

The present at the tip of my toes.

My trust holds the simple truth

I am here now and that’s what I know.

To venture past the trust puts me

In a wanting state.

I found this Mary Oliver poem about letting go in nature. Comfort of a memory can ease me on the cusp of change.

Picking Blueberries, Austerlitz, New York,1957 (Mary Oliver)

Once, in summer, In the blueberries, I fell asleep, and woke When a deer stumbled against me.

I guess She was so busy with her own happiness She had grown careless And was just wandering along

Listening To the wind as she leaned down To lip