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A blessing for musicians and their creations

In 2014, Jana Stanfield wrote a song entitled, It Doesn’t Mean That I’m Not Strong. When I find a song that speaks to me, I am deeply moved. When I find a singer that represents the passion I feel, I am connected to my life, and surrender to the whole experience. When I hear harmonies that stir my soul, lift my spirit and whole being, I belong to a world that speaks my language. I’m understood.

Due to copyright laws, I’m not able to publish the lyrics of this incredibly powerful song so you’ll be able to find the link to the lyrics here and listen to the song at this YouTube link . This song represents feelings and thoughts from deep down inside me. They describe experiences, frustrations, joys and discoveries of me. And when I can find a song that puts words and expressions to my deep emotions, to me it is a friend for life.


  • I loved the song. Today’s meditation felt like it lasted five hours, I was so deeply in it. I am dealing with anxiety and wondering if you have suggestions for how to cope with anxiety.

  • On my website, I teach ways to cope in a free gift. Here is the link to these stress-relieving techniques. One of them is to pass a coin between your hands, basically fiddling with something. This is a movement that uses both sides of your body and brain. I do it as long as I want, sometimes for hours if that’s what it takes. It’s like knitting, same thing.

  • I’ve been in the zone for the last few meditations. I think it helps if I don’t do any activities beforehand. Another anxiety-reducing thing is EMDR which is a therapeutic technique that helps people heal from emotional distress from disturbing experiences. Another technique is self-tapping for emotional freedom. The butterfly tap or hug is one of these tapping techniques.

  • Another technique I use is square breathing. I used it during the many, many years of handling the stress of chronic illness. In square breathing, breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, breathe out for a count of four, and hold for a count of four. It creates an instant calming, and it is an action.

  • You reminded me 30 years ago when you told me about another singer/songwriter Linda Worster. Too much thinking makes me crazy. I went through a divorce and now I feel like I have to divorce my son. These times are really challenging me. It is stressful. Thank you for the reminder that music will help. It’s about letting go.

  • And about setting boundaries. Divorce means severing a relationship. But you will always be his mother. You are setting up boundaries to take care of yourself without holding any expectations of what he will do.

  • Another anxiety-relieving technique is a slow-walking meditation. And also rocking back and forth. It’s like the feeling we had as babies being rocked in a cradle.

  • It’s for that reason I love rocking chairs. The slow-walk meditation reminds me of Thich Nhat Hanh and his slow walking.

  • I relieve anxiety by planting myself by a window. By being in light. I need light, it calms me. I am already feeling the tension from an upcoming meeting. But looking at nature helps calm me. I have plants around me and I look at them. Yesterday, I got lucky and saw an owl. It took away my stress.

  • Nature is a soothing balm. Yesterday, I was stressed and I got back in bed. The shades were down and I didn’t feel comfortable. I opened up the shades. I needed light, I needed to see nature.

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