Infinite Source

I recognize that there is a creative

Power that is infinite and everywhere present

It can be obviously strong and it can be subtly gentle

I feel it in each breath in my lungs.

It is the wholeness within every atom of my being.

This one power is like the ocean, immense and deep

And also reaching for expression on the surface

I am like a wave, individual enough

To identify and at the same time completely

Connected to the One.

There is no separation.

I am a spiritual being in a human body

At any time I choose where I look.

I can choose to see unity

Or I can focus on circumstances

My choices feed the fire of the

Creative process.

I know that I have the inner wisdom to make choices for my well-being.

Within me is a personal strength that is in fact divine

Strength expressing itself through me.

I trust that my Higher Self is constantly with me.

I see myself as divine…limiting conditions are eclipsed by my Light.

I choose to see health and wholeness in me

For I know health is constantly at work in my body.

I accept my unity with divinity.

I know there is infinite peace within me.

It resides deep within the core of my being

This deep inner peace is my teacher.

In gratitude for new ideas and my willingness to make new choices,

I release this prayer to the creative law

Knowing that the energy of these words

Meet the One energy and manifests in a shift towards peace.

And so it is!