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I watched the documentary

Becoming last night

Michelle Obama’s new book

She inspires me

Her drive to keep on going

In spite of the push back she’s received

Every person she meets

She asks what brings you joy

Riding on her inspiration

Within a millisecond

Of a moment I ask myself

What brings me joy?

If I imagine I live

In an energy world

With no forms

Only color energy

I would see children

And four-legged beings

As bright colors

Moving bouncing exploring

I would see houses bursting

With color

where the love congregates

brought together by the pandemic

I would see gardens and

Natural surroundings

Lit up with an iridescence

That just glows

And in this fantasy

I look down below me

On the ground

Imagining the earth

Energy is changing as

We live our daily lives

There’s much mending going on

Forces of color are blending

With each other

Rejoining from separation long ago

There’s a hum of change

On the surface under our feet

In our breath

we can feel the vibration

Most all humans aren’t

Aware of the change

Much like an ice cube tray

Full of water in the freezer

We don’t watch the change,

though know it’s happening

water changing into crystals

as we trust the cubes will become

I saw the movement last night

While standing in my living room

Not fully understanding

And knowing it’s good

It’s mending

It’s recognizing

It’s reconnecting

The pause button is still active

By the very force of nature

We are witnessing Mother Earth

Taking charge





There is hope

For however you define

the power of the universe

Changes are afoot

There are the green shoots of spring

Sprouting up through the darkness

Those struggling and passing

See color more vividly beyond the veil

Those helping with their many skills

See bright colors in

The love and appreciation

expressed to them

Those unwilling to see the color

They will at some point

When they recognize love in their heart

And get beyond the pain they hold center

Spring time is not only spring time

It is a rebirthing of Mother Earth

Into a new world of color

Doubts will rise with fear

as we see the bleakness

Of the human spirit

Wounds continue to be revealed

And we fall into darkness

And every time we choose

To remember

We can find ourselves

Using love we hold in our hearts

Love in our choices

Love in our gut

Love in our actions

Love in our physical bodies

Love in our minds



  • Today in the meditation my mind was full of violent thoughts. I’ve always had a deep fear of physical attack and danger. They are only thoughts, and I’m giving them space. I worked to come back to center.

  • I used to live like that, fear of rape, on being attacked. What helped me is to make a sign with the affirmation “I am safe”. You worked at coming back to center. It is fear derailing you.

  • Fear and anxiety manifests in many different ways & times. I can relate. I’m trying to cradle myself in my arms of loving kindness, and work on my balcony garden.

  • I focused on the question “what brings you joy”. I have a tool to get my mind off fear. I focused on what brings me joy. Looking at the sky in spring which is so beautiful, maybe because of the new buds against it. I’m an artist, I sketched yesterday, the blue sky, the billowing clouds. I saw birds, a redwing blackbird. These are gifts. Videos on my new grandniece crack me up. If you look for miracles, you get them. If you look for the other, get it. Joy lifts energy

  • I felt joy during the reading and felt my body expanding. A friend’s blog was profound this morning. This reading was profound. It’s like this new normal is bringing out profundity as we face our authentic core of being. It’s our choice to be there or be in some entertainment land.

  • Reassuring to see I have trust in self to let go of fear. I took a walk in the woods yesterday and saw a black racer snake. Some might fear it, but I experienced joy. It was an enormous symbol of transformation. Huge joy. I am grateful for this group of contemplators. Many people in my life are not like that.

  • Yesterday was so hard for me, today I am ok. This is the ebb and flow of life. In the documentary, Michelle Obama says how she had to put on a calm face on leaving the White House; when she was in Air Force One leaving, she sobbed for 30 minutes. She had had to face so much. We all have the fear and vulnerability. We can change our perceptions. We are building trust in ourselves that we can change our perception.

  • During the meditation, I experienced the colors you talked about. I saw colors around my friends, one had dark colors around her. I’m going to call her. Yesterday, I took a contemplating hike. The sky was so clear, probably from the lack of pollution

  • Someone holds up a sign he just made. “I am safe and loved.”

  • Making signs work. It gives the mind an affirmation that becomes subliminal. After a while, we don’t consciously see the sign, but we are seeing it nevertheless.

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