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I’m learning to let go of my need to control my morning meditation. Almost two months ago I would start preparation the night before. As I live each day, my grip lessens and my practice relaxes. The less I prepare the more I receive. This has been a journey for me. I am trusting my process. I know by 7am I will be in silence. My intentions define my actions.

We are all pilgrims on this journey learning to find comfort and ease in our routines so we can relax. Sometimes that means a new schedule, a new home, a new aloneness, a change in health, a transition. Change is inevitable. Our worlds are built on cycles of beginning and ending. It’s impossible to solve problems before they happen. Sure, we can prepare, but to imagine every possible scenario takes us out of the present moment. A friend of mine calls this “pre-suffering”. We are great problem solvers and we find a way to deal with a problem once it emerges.

Truths to live by:

  • As I love and respect my worth, I feel safe in the world.

  • As I honor my needs, I feel safe in the world.

  • As I clearly define my boundaries, I feel safe in the world.

  • As I treat myself with kindness and gentleness, others will do the same

  • As I provide my emotional support, I fulfill my needs

“Your good behavior won’t bring you what you want. Your self-worth will.” Matt Kahn

Rules for creating an Intention:

  • Imagine what you desire in full detail

  • Create affirmations to support your desire and state it as if it already exists. (I am happy in my new home)

  • Share out loud your intention with someone you trust

  • Feel the result of your desire. Imagine it’s in your hand and really feel it

  • Use gratitude as the glue that holds your intention

  • Envision your intention with expectancy, not bind it with your expectations

  • Release it like a bird taking flight knowing as you let it go allows your intention to result in your highest and best good

Dr. Susan Jeffers offers a free ebook about writing affirmations.

Defining what we want is often harder than defining what we don’t want. Allow yourself what you want. This discovery is often found in silence.


  • Often times in these meditations, I am quiet. Today, there was so much in my head because of the many ideas you mentioned. It created visuals, like a slide show. It was exciting. I related to people in my life.

  • The meditation had lots of inspiration.

  • The phrase “what is it you want?” stuck with me. I kept thinking about things I want, more in terms of praying for people I want healthy and happy. I experienced more of a generic want for what I want for the world.

  • My mind was very active today. I love serendipity. I’m reading “The Book of Longings” by Sue Monk Kidd. She quotes “Thunder, Perfect Mind” a gnostic gospel poem in the voice of the divine feminine. It embraces all the voices. So touching. What you shared today is encompassed in her poem.

  • I can hear your emotion as you describe the poem. Those emotions make it real.

  • Your reading today brought up lots of images. I came back to breath. I am wishing to be able to trust again, the world, the stranger

  • Last night, I felt like a stranger in my own body. I know I'll be able to trust it again. We are in a whole new world

  • You talked about want vs don’t want. Why is it easier to think about what we don’t want? Is it a human tendency? Intention setting is so important.

  • I heard many things in today’s reading. I also heard that “discovery is found in silence.” I cleared my mind and heard some things I needed to hear. Thank you for all the profound statements today. Each one on its own is a topic in itself.

  • I think it has to do with our self-worth. As I work on my self-worth, I can articulate more what I want. In the past, I wasn’t able to.

  • Today was a great reading. So much wisdom in it. I also look forward to David Rynick’s blog everyday from the Boundless Way Temple

  • We already have in us what it takes. All the means.

  • I used to hear “we already have in us what it takes” as words. As I have grown, I can understand them now, and give respect to myself

  • Communities and our country going through pre-suffering. I am troubled by the recent shooting of an unarmed man. We are pre-suffering so much.

  • The pre-suffering is from fear; it’s a swirling vortex. As we work on our calmness, we are having an effect on the world. We do make a difference. I choose to believe that it has an effect.

Photo credit: Gerd Altman from Pixabay

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