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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

As pilgrims on this journey, I believe we are walking through a great collective awakening. Let’s look at the evidence. Time has shifted. Awareness of life has shifted down to minute examinations of our choices. Our hearts are open and feeling. Our fears are heightened at times motivating us into action to find more solid, functioning comfort. Our neighborhoods are breathing collectively, highly aware of our similarities and our differences. I would hope we are more aware of our similarities rather than our differences. We are all in this together. I believe we are shifting into a new paradigm. We are living a history which will be recounted again and again by our generations to come. The great paradigm shift. I think of all the beautiful art created by expressive humans that commemorate their experience. All the educators who are living outside the box of their expectations motivated by the love of their craft to educate children. All the essential workers recognized for their jobs they perform on a daily basis. The list goes on. We have all been affected. Whether the seeds of change show its sprouts now or later, we have tipped into more awareness, heart-centered consciousness, and compassion for the lives lost, for the struggles of the living and the recognition of the power of love versus fear.


By Peter Morgan

Our minds and hearts can forget.

That there are seasons to all things.

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

In the dawn beyond,

Like our animal cousins

after hibernation,

we will emerge with half-opened eyes.

And we will see everything again

For the first time.

The sun will rise, and as

We walk out into a new world,

Our tired bodies will collectively groan

In appreciation of a first, wide stretch!

And there will be rejoicing, and loss.

And regrets. And love.

And grief. And fear. And hope.

The tides continue to turn, and

The world will weep with us as we dance in the light of each new moon.

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

And as the seasons roll on,

We will forever hold in our hearts,

All that was sacred to us

In the time we were so apart,



  • I accidentally started this morning’s zoom meditation by starting the wrong meeting and no one could sign in. While in meditation I heard “to err is human; to forgive is divine”. Never understood that phrase. The love of my higher self forgives me. I get it

  • This too shall pass. Hard to believe it will. Stores and beaches opening and it makes it doubly hard to believe it will pass

  • Add the word “yet”. It's not yet. Letting go.

  • It’s one thing to learn to say ‘this too shall pass’ in bad times. I also try to remind myself in good times ‘this too shall pass’ and it helps me keep a perspective that everything changes. Enjoy the moment, accept it passing. Be in moment

  • Thinking of a future. Planting, gardening, going for future in ways I know. It’s motivating and keeps me going.

  • Good reading. I am a caregiver and one of my clients died last night. The blessing was that it was quick. Today’s reading helped me. I think about impermanence as a Buddhist. Things come and go.

  • Blessings in things like gardening, helping with family.

  • I am gardening in my deck garden. I dug into the dead plants in my garden and life is starting again

  • I am troubled by humanity; there was a demonstration at the Statehouse yesterday. I was seeing the sad underbelly of humanity which can’t restrain their impulses. But then, how would I cope with being cooped up in apartment? Fortunately, I can take long walks through forests.

  • Had encounter with man in grocery store who didn't care about wearing mask. Hope we'll have reconciliation in future

  • Each day, a new beginning. Bulbs pushing through earth. Outside changing, my insides changing. Expectancy the plants will grow. I will grow. Unless I change on the inside, my outside won’t change. I will change more as I turn more to my higher power

  • We are in this together. But there are inequities. People are risking their lives for low paid jobs. We can be together only if we are mindful of it.

  • My job is to be strong presence for my daughter. I have control over a future I want. I am imagining a future of peace. I can see doomsday scenarios and I can get anxious. I am controlling my anxiety through where I put my focus.

  • Prioritizing what we want in our lives

  • My spiritual teachers teach me to have a bird’s eye view. Those that only see fear are also on a path of mindfulness. They may get there on the worst possible path. But they are on a path too. Fear is pervasive. People are making choices they don’t get yet. Remember this. Otherwise it can take us down.

  • This idea of growing gardens, as so many people are doing now, is also a metaphor for what I am doing in writing a novel while staying at home. When I look at the big picture of what still needs to be written, my heart sinks. But when I focus on the current scene to write, I can do this.

  • I have a human side and divine side. There is a gateway between them

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