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Thinking of Angels

Thinking of Angels

by Shirley Riga

Thinking about angels today

Recalling 14 years ago

No wings no halo

He emerged as a survivor

Of a fatal accident

Of my spouse

Broken bones

And heart wide open

He reached out to console the family

I pushed back to the stranger

His consistency warmed my pain

The door was opened

His name is George

Caring, loving, thoughtful, surviving George

His eyes witnessed Lizzie’s last words

His heart shared the moment

His presence soothed my heart

His body healed

My heart healed

His life changed

My life opened

He became a hospice worker

I was shaken

by my awareness of an angel

His meaning of life widened

His gratitude deepened

Thawed the ice of my wounds

Our hearts grew

We are spirit siblings – brother/sister

The conduit was Lizzie

For the emergence of my angel

Life is fluid

Breath in

Breath out

Two sides of a coin

Good bad

Joy pain

Ebb flow

Loss gain

We grow

Denial and awaken

Always a journey

Always learning

Our transition is part of the journey

For the ebb and flow of our being

In gratitude for our angels


  • Chance encounters change our lives. Thank you for the gift of this story about how George came into your life and how both your lives changed as a result. It’s a reminder how we all do that for each other.

  • I appreciate the angels in my life and my spirit guides around me. I thank the larger world that holds us.

  • A gift to ourselves, honoring ourselves. Want to honor a client in assisted living. He is a kind gentle man, an angel. I am grateful to the angels in my life.

  • My French teacher is now in assisted living and we still write to each other. She sent a card with a rainbow in the picture. It reminds me of angels.

  • Ten years ago, my husband got a lung transplant from an angel. I am grateful for the gift of life received and how long it sustained him.

  • My daughter is named after two angels, my father and friend (my soulmate). Yesterday, I got a call from a woman I didn’t know and I shared how I got through past hard times. She reminded me that if I got through all that, I can get through this very hard time in my life. Such a positive person, an angel.

  • You have community around you to help you get through this

  • It is hard to feel emotions, but they are real emotions that are from our hearts and are genuine. That's truth.

  • When we say a prayer, we are an angel.

  • During the meditation, I had goosebumps in crown chakra; to me, that’s experiencing an angel

  • This reading today is my truth

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