Though a day late, I was moved to share this writing. We pray for earth’s renewal. We pray for continued growth, abundance and viable life on our planet. In our current suffering, we hold high our vision of renewal, rebirth and purity of spirit. – Shirley Riga

Happy Beltane -.this celebration is half way between the Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It is the time the earth is fertilized, pollinated, nests are being built, sprouting is happening. We are celebrating the beginnings of a new generation and the continuing of life. – Diane Vella

A poem by Cindy Ruda, 2018

The Earth knows

all the seeds

that ever were planted

so peace is already planted

justice, too, is there

beside empathy and reverence

the seeds of awareness

lie next to willingness

and in a neighbor field

are wisdom, trust and care

the sprouts of every variety

summoning our attention

the season urges us

to sow the seeds long planted

to nurture and watch them grow

Beltane is upon us and we are greeted with the reminder of the Earth’s enduring powers of renewal. In this season of love and connection—even in these trying times—we remember that we are still in community, that we can still reach out, create art, send letters, write love songs, and notice what is thriving in the world. Let us plant the gardens of our future, because we know that what grows in the dark will burst through thick earth with color and life. – from We’Moon blessings