Be Kind To Yourself

Our walk into spring is different from any other

Expectations are masked

Time is free to roam

Gentleness and patience

Tame our minutes

Be kind to yourself.

- Shirley Riga

Poem by Mark Nepo

“My efforts now turn

from trying to outrun suffering

to accepting love wherever

I can find it.

Stripped of causes and plans

and things to strive for,

I have discovered everything

I could need or ask for

is right here—

in flawed abundance.

We cannot eliminate hunger,

but we can feed each other.

We cannot eliminate loneliness,

but we can hold each other.

We cannot eliminate pain,

but we can live a life

of compassion…

There is nothing to do

and nowhere to go.

Accepting this,

we can do everything

and go anywhere.”


  • Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Was tired last night. Our culture focused on doing, doing, doing. Good to be reminded to be in this space and to be quiet. Friend is ill and I’m sending her good vibes