I Am a Mother Mountain

A simple photograph can feel

like an explosion of my senses

Catapulting me back 60 plus years

Causing a reflection of my life from the lens

Of a bird looking at the whys and hows

Of my circumstances.

I have to ask why we suffer

I have to ask why it’s necessary

To hurt others.

I have to ask

And yet here the adult stands

Having survived the abuse

The adult has laughed and cried

The adult has celebrated and wept

The adult has lashed out

The adult has loved

And the adult has lost

Loves and battles and children

Anger starts seeping in

My finger pointing at my father

My feet start filling up with a

Vile feeling of hate and remorse

My mind reels with blame

And my lips hold tight in pain

The adult asks do I want to go there again?

Feel the heat of anger fill my vessel?