A Blessing

How to make a blessing from a recipe of love

By Shirley Riga

First, I need a large vessel of cooperation. I am present

in the now and hold an open mind and heart.

I add in an intention. The intention could be anything you find

worthy on your shelf of life and has signs of well-being.

Stir with expectancy until well blended. It is important

to stay present in the moment.

Add in a whisper of a painful life experience to ground it

and a spoonful of wisdom harvested from your collection of sages.

The secret ingredient is trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in

the process. Trust in your wisdom.

This secret ingredient is added in stages folded in

with awareness. One moment at a time. Stir with patience.

With your eyes closed you will know when your recipe

is blended and ready. Listen for your breath.

When you feel your heart connect with your breath, your blessing

is ready. Drink with the knowing you are enough.

Taken from John O’Donohue’s book, Bless the Space Between Us